How to Use Socks to Make Any Outfit Look Better


How many times have you thrown on an outfit, looked in the mirror, and thought something’s missing? The trick to making any outfit look more put-together than it actually is is to focus on the details, like adding fun socks to your look. Not only do socks like our Philosockphy model add an unexpected flash of color or pattern, but they also help your feet stay warm and comfortable (and who doesn’t need that?). Check out these five fun ways to style socks with any outfit, and you can be sure your ensemble will be complete!


Match your socks to your shoes

Doing this is a surefire way to make any outfit look better. Here are five of our favorite ways to put this fashion technique into practice:
1) Match the color of your socks with the color of your shoes for an outfit that's on point.

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Match sock colors with outfit colors

For some people, socks are just a necessary part of our outfit. But for others, socks can be the finishing touch that make an outfit look better. Here are some great tips on how you can use socks to make any outfit look better.
-Mens Purple ankle socks: If your outfit is on the more formal side but lacks color or interest, add some spunk with mens purple ankle socks. These cool sock colors will have people noticing your style and asking where you got them!
-Mens Colored Socks: If your favorite pair of shoes happen to clash with your current clothing selection, don't worry! You can easily make it work by adding mens colorful socks that match the color of your shoe.


Go bold & matching patterns

Every guy needs some fun socks in their life. Here are five ways they can make any outfit look better.
1. Matching patterns 2. fun socks for men 3. gift socks 4. crazy color dress socks 5. cool mens socks


Add a pop of color

If you're looking for a way to make any outfit look better, try adding some color on your feet. One of the best ways to do this is with socks. Mens socks come in all different colors, styles and sizes. There are cool crew socks, colorful ankle socks and even fun dress socks if you want a sock that matches your outfit perfectly. Bright colored socks are also great for wearing with jeans or trousers if you want something simple but stylish.


Wear fun patterns on top

Wearing fun patterns on top of your socks is a great way to add some color and style. Plus, it's a way for men to experiment with fashion! From stripes and checks, to plaids and geometric patterns, there are tons of options for every man. Get inspired by our latest sock styles from the best sock subscription service around!