How to Up Your Sock Game with a Subscription Service

Best known for their Philosockphy Socks subscription service, Philosocks has made the world of socks more exciting than it’s ever been before. No longer do you have to settle for boring, same-colored socks that fall down all the time and just aren’t that fun! With Philosockphy, you get over 70 different sock designs every month from some of the best artists out there. You can even customize your own look with your favorite colors and patterns!

Did you know socks are important?

Did you know that most people wear the same socks for three days before washing them? Did you know that many people have feet that are so sweaty, they become home to bacteria? Did you know that many people don't even change their socks when they exercise or work out? These are all very important facts about socks! I learned this and more from my experience with Philosockphy. After browsing their website, I decided to sign up for their monthly subscription service. I enjoyed discovering a new pair of cool socks each month in the mail and felt like it was a nice little way of looking forward to something fun on the first day of the month. Plus, Philosocks is based in my hometown which made me feel like they were supporting local companies too!

The 4 stages of wearing socks

The first stage is figuring out what you want the sock subscription service to offer. This can be based on your needs, or even just the types of socks you like. The second stage is deciding how many pairs you want each month, and then choosing which type of socks you want in your subscription. Stage three is signing up for the service and picking out any other extras (like cool socks!). And finally, in stage four, you'll get all your new cool socks delivered right to your door!

Enter Philosophie Socks

The idea for Philosophie was born from the frustration of constantly being without the perfect sock. Philosophie started as a subscription service that delivers 12 pairs of beautiful, great-fitting socks each month. Now it's so much more than that! In addition to our monthly subscriptions we have added new products like baby and kids socks, men's dress socks, and accessories. Whether you're looking for something for yourself or for someone else, we've got you covered!

Conventional vs Alternative Wearing Pattern

The conventional wearing pattern is the most common way of wearing socks. It starts with the right sock, followed by the left sock, and then finishing with putting on the other side of your second pair of socks. The alternative wearing pattern is worn in reverse starting from the left sock and finishing with the right one.

The conventional wearing pattern has been around for ages and is still popular today; it's easier to put on when you're going about your day-to-day activities because you can do it without having to look at what you're doing.

What’s in your sock drawer? (or should be!)

I will admit, my sock drawer is the most neglected part of my wardrobe. I usually just buy whatever socks are on sale and toss them in there for good measure. But, after getting a free trial box from Philosophie, I realized that I was missing out on one of life's simple pleasures: nice socks. With all the cool fabrics and styles that Philosophie has, it's hard not to want to buy every pair they sell.