How to Style No Show Socks with Your Sock Subscription

How to Style No Show Socks with Your Sock Subscription

What are no show socks, you ask? They’re the same pair of socks you wear every day, but they’re hidden under your pants. No one will see that you’re wearing the same socks again and again because they’ll remain completely hidden beneath your pants (and hopefully clean!) While these particular socks are not included in our sock subscription boxes, we think it’s interesting to include them here as we consider socks an essential part of everyone’s wardrobe! Here are some great no show sock looks to inspire your style.

The best way to wear no show socks

If you’re not in tune with what’s going on in men’s style, you might think that no show socks are a new development. You probably don’t know what you can do with them other than wear them under your shoes or, uh, something. But trust us when we say that no show socks are really, really big right now and that there are lots of ways to style them (you just have to know how). How does one go about wearing no show socks? By following these simple steps

How to match your style

Understanding your own personal style and learning how you like to dress is an important part of any fashion endeavor. If you want your socks and shoes to look good together, learn a bit about your overall sense of style before you start pulling together outfits. Once you’ve got that figured out, choose one or two brands that really align with your aesthetic. Then, find matching sock designs in their collection by looking at their packs on the product page. Most sock subscription companies have a packs section where they show three different socks styles (all from their brand) along with a brief description of how they pair together perfectly. You can also see exactly which models will be included in each pack when it arrives on your doorstep!

Be confident about what you are wearing

Many brands even offer shoes that match their socks perfectly, so when you’re styling no-show socks, keep in mind what style of shoe you’ll be wearing them with. The Philosockphy brand of no-show socks has a number of stylish lines that look great paired up with Adidas Superstars. You can create an effortlessly cool vibe by combining no-show socks and sneakers for a unique approach to your everyday style.

Pair the socks with sneakers

While most men who opt for no-show socks wear them with shorts, they can actually go well with a pair of sneakers—especially on those summer days when it’s too hot for long pants. If you’re thinking about buying a pair of no-show socks and love wearing sneakers, invest in a couple pairs that match your favorite kicks. This way, when you wear them, people will notice your kicks rather than thinking about what’s underneath your shorts. With styles ranging from patterns like camo to bright solids and stripes, you should have no trouble finding a pair that matches your brand new kicks perfectly.

Pick the right design and material

What’s your sock style? Do you prefer no-show socks that cover up to your ankle or quarter-length socks? Both can work for different occasions. Quarter length socks are perfect for warm summer days and sandals, but if you’re going for a more formal look, opt for a good pair of no show socks that won’t distract from your shoes. Don’t forget about materials: cotton and synthetic blends tend to be more breathable than wool, so they’re ideal in warmer months. In colder weather, though, wool is preferable because it will keep you warm while still wicking away moisture.

Wear them all day long.

No-show socks aren’t meant to be seen. But if you wear them, why not let them help you achieve a stylish look? The best way to do that is by wearing them all day long. That means pairing your no-show socks with shoes from formal, dressy pairs of dress shoes (think: loafers) or business casual options like oxfords or derbys. If you’re not sure how no-shows can work in different kinds of outfits, it’s simple. You just want to make sure they don’t stick out more than one centimeter above your shoe cuff when worn properly. And a few quick styling tips might come in handy as well...

Take care of your feet.

Not only do your feet have a lot of nerve endings, they're also your foundation. Think about how off-balance you feel when you don't have a good grip on something. If we imagine our bodies as structures, then our feet are essentially foundations for all that we are and can do. They're so important that people get doctorates in podiatry. The best way to take care of your feet is by taking proper care of them daily. Make sure you take a few minutes every day to massage your calves and, more importantly, elevate your heels above your heart level for at least 30 minutes per day (this will help reduce swelling). Also try going barefoot as much as possible in order to strengthen your feet—and perhaps even avoid foot pain altogether!