How to Style Fun Socks With Any Outfit

How to Style Fun Socks With Any Outfit

You might be wondering why socks should require much thought at all beyond, you know, putting them on your feet in the morning. And who could blame you? After all, they’re just socks, right? Wrong! Socks are more than that—they can actually be quite versatile and play an important role in creating your overall style. From giving you more confidence to boosting your self-esteem, these five ways to style fun socks with any outfit will help you get the most out of this underappreciated accessory.

Recognize the Value of a Good Subscription

It might be hard to believe, but there’s an entire category of businesses that are all about sending you fun socks every month. Philosockphy and MeUndies both send themed pairs each month, with designers like Nike joining in on sock subscription business. While socks subscriptions aren’t necessarily a growing trend (the US Postal Service reported overall shipping declined 2.6% in 2015), they certainly appeal to people who love getting mail—and especially those who enjoy trying out new pairs of footwear! As awareness for sock subscriptions increase, some experts predict it will lead to a rise in personalized apparel as well.

Start a Philosockphy at Home

If you are a big fan of socks and styles, then why not try subscribing to one of those monthly sock subscriptions that have become popular lately? Companies like Stance offer a wide variety of colors and prints each month. The philosophy behind sock subscriptions is exactly what its name suggests—that people are passionate about socks, no matter how silly it may seem. Give your best friend or family member that loves socks a gift they’ll never forget and start them on their own Philosockphy journey!

Find the Right Fit

When choosing your socks, it’s important that you pick a pair that fits. If you wear looser socks, they will fall down into your shoes as you walk. Finding a sock that fits well not only makes sure that your feet stay covered and comfy, but also helps prevent blisters and calluses. There are many subscription services for stylish socks—many of which will send you new pairs of socks each month. By signing up for a sock-of-the-month subscription service, you’ll ensure that you have a variety of different styles at all times!

Add in Layers

Wearing socks in a variety of colors and styles will add an unexpected element of fun. If you're having trouble picking out socks that are easy and look good with your everyday attire, try searching online for sock subscriptions (Philosockphy). There are multiple services that send you 3-5 pairs of high-quality socks every month. For example, Sock Drawer offers 7 different monthly sock packages ranging from $9 - $29 per month, including a pay as you go option if you want to buy a single pair or two. Another service is Bombas which offer customized fit socks from $12/month.

Play around With Color

While most people think of socks as a purely utilitarian accessory, fun socks are a great way to spruce up an outfit. Fashion them with your favorite jeans and a blazer or your suit for something extra. Subscribe to a sock of the month club, or just pick up your favorite pair at your local mall. There’s no rule saying you can’t show off more than one pair at once either! They go great with lace-up boots and sandals in warm weather and under slacks for fall—so wear them all year round! Don’t have time for shopping? No problem! There are plenty of companies that will send you a monthly sock subscription.