How to Style Fun Socks With Any Outfit

How to Style Fun Socks With Any Outfit

You might be wondering why socks should require much thought at all beyond, you know, putting them on your feet in the morning. And who could blame you? After all, they’re just socks, right? Wrong! Socks are more than that—they can actually be quite versatile and play an important role in creating your overall style. From giving you more confidence to boosting your self-esteem, these five ways to style fun socks with any outfit will help you get the most out of this underappreciated accessory.

The Benefits of Sock Subscriptions

Philosockphy. We love socks and love seeing socks, but we also know what happens when you’re running low on pairs for a specific outfit. It's time to start digging into that drawer of random socks and wearing matching socks with everything (not cool). So, today we’re talking about our all-time favorite way to get some cute (and versatile) socks — sock subscriptions! If you haven’t heard of them before, sock subscriptions are exactly what they sound like: a company sends you some fun pairs of socks on a schedule that you decide is right for your lifestyle.

3 Tips on Choosing the Right Type of Sock Subscription

Some sock subscription boxes contain two or three pairs of socks, while others can be as large as 8-10 pairs. It’s important to think about how you plan on wearing your socks—or whether you plan on wearing them at all. If you tend to wear dress shoes regularly and/or have a lot of different shoe options in your closet, consider subscribing to a box that contains several pairs of unique socks so you’ll have options when putting together outfits. If you don’t see yourself wearing multiple pair of different socks at once or own more casual shoes (think sneakers or boots), then perhaps go with a smaller subscription that offers just one pair per month.

What To Do When You Receive Your First Pair of Cool Socks

First things first, find an awesome pair of socks. Our sock of the month club provides a way for guys to start their own sock collection, each month you get three pair of socks delivered right to your door. Most people keep them in an orderly pile with all their other pairs and when it’s time for that day’s outfit, they put on their favorite pair before choosing what else to wear. Some do it differently though, there are plenty of other ways to show off your cool socks.

7 Tips on Wearing Fun Socks with Anything

The process of styling fun socks starts with picking out a pair. Since they're available in so many patterns and prints, it's important that you select a pattern that complements your outfit. Having trouble finding fun socks that fit in with your wardrobe? Try our sock of the month club! Each month, we'll send you three pairs of handpicked fun socks designed by us. For just $12 per month plus shipping costs, we'll help you turn boring days into special ones by offering you a way to match your own style via socks. After all, no one looks good when their shoes are covered in cat hair or dog hair. When a unique print or color isn't what you need, don't worry!