How to rock the sock of the month like a pro!

Socks are like tomatoes: you can’t just eat them plain or with dip, or in sandwiches; they need to be paired with something else that complements their flavor and texture. The sock of the month club delivers monthly socks that complement your outfit, whether it’s the tie of the month or the shirt of the month! It’s all in this article on how to rock the sock of the month like a pro!

Sock Matching Mistakes

One mistake many people make when matching socks is not taking into consideration the color or pattern of their tie. Sure, it may not be as noticeable in some colors (especially if it's solid) but when your tie has a pattern, you want to make sure they compliment each other and don't create an optical illusion that makes one look taller than the other. For example, wearing bright red socks with a blue striped shirt and tie would cause the shirt and tie to appear shorter than they actually are because both have similar vertical lines. The result would be an awkward looking suit that doesn't match well at all.

Another very common mistake people make is forgetting about their shoe color. If you're wearing brown shoes then you should wear brown socks and vice versa.

5 Ways To Match Your Socks Like A Pro

1. Choose your sock color in accordance with what you're wearing- Matching your socks is all about picking colors that will blend well with whatever you're wearing. For example, if you're wearing khakis, brown dress shoes and a navy blue shirt, then your socks should be navy blue or at least another shade of dark blue. Brown socks would be too dark and they would stand out too much. 2. Consider whether or not to wear formal trousers- Formal trousers are usually quite long, so it's best not to wear any type of ankle socks with them, but rather knee-highs or crew length ones instead. 3.

Common Sock Colors And Their Meanings

The color red is often associated with passion, vigor, and sexuality. It is also used to represent anger and rage. This can make it hard for some men to wear this color for their socks without feeling intimidated.

A great way to combat this would be wearing light red or pink socks which are more feminine in tone and less intimidating than bright red.

Green is another color that can represent many different things but there are two big ones: nature and money. If you're looking for financial success, green might not be the best choice as it typically represents nature instead of money.

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