How to perfectly match your socks with a tie, according to the sock of the month club


For those of you who get more excited about socks than about shoes, I’m sure you already know what the sock of the month club is. Otherwise, this is the perfect place to get introduced to it! The sock of the month club sends you a new pair of socks every month, and there are plenty of different styles and patterns to choose from depending on your taste. Here at sock of the month club, we love pairing our socks with ties, so here’s our guide on how to match your socks with a tie perfectly. Just follow these five steps below!


The Blocking Socks

There are some dressy occasions when wearing socks just won't do. But what if you're not sure which sock to wear? The sock of the month Club offers you seven pairs of socks each month (a different color every time) and each pair is picked by our expert sock stylist so that they coordinate well with your favorite ties. All this for $25/month.


The Striped Sock

If you're looking for a fun and easy way to add some color into your outfit- start with socks! You can find socks that are perfect for almost any occasion. The best part is you don't have to spend hours trying on different ones. A sock of the month club is an awesome gift idea for men who like to keep their wardrobe fresh. Our favorite is called The Striped Sock and offers monthly delivery of seasonal colors in crew socks or ankle socks- it's personalized too!


The Crazy Colourful Socks

Wearing crazy socks has become a popular trend in recent years. It's also one of the easiest ways to accessorize an otherwise lackluster outfit. The Crazy Colourful Socks sock club sends you two pairs of socks every month. These socks are all made from high quality materials and are guaranteed not to lose their color or shape after being washed.


The Low Contrast Combination

It's important that you don't wear two socks that are too similar in color or pattern. You'll need to choose one sock that contrasts well against the other. You can do this by choosing socks in different colors (i.e., blue and brown) or by choosing socks with different patterns (i.e., polka dot and stripes). The easiest way is to wear one dark-colored sock and one light-colored sock. This will be an easy way to make sure your socks contrast well against each other.


The Strong Color Combination

To get started, try matching your socks with a dress shirt or tie. If you're wearing a navy blue suit and khaki pants and want to wear purple socks, pick something like burgundy red or dark eggplant. If you want something more subtle that will still create some interest and complement the suit's color palette, go for forest green or deep teal. The best part about these two combos is that they are simple enough for anyone to pull off.
If you're feeling daring and want to take this look even further by adding an ankle length sock into the mix, then be sure not to overdo it!