How to Never Run Out of Socks Again: A Guide to Sock Subscriptions

How to Never Run Out of Socks Again: A Guide to Sock Subscriptions

What’s the one thing that everyone in your family has to wear? Socks, of course! If you want to make sure you always have socks on hand, you can either buy them regularly or sign up for a sock subscription box like Philosockphy Socks. With monthly or quarterly deliveries, you’ll never run out of socks again! Learn more about how to never run out of socks again with this guide.

Step 1: Collecting your socks

The first step in getting a sock subscription is deciding which socks are right for you. Many subscriptions offer two or three different kinds. Try a few before committing yourself; you may find that once you’ve tried one kind, another type fits better. Alternatively, if you love them all and can’t decide, some companies will let you have a set from each subscription so that every time your package arrives there’s something new to wear! Don’t worry about wasting money or receiving duplicate pairs as most sock companies run their subscriptions on a first-come-first-serve basis, meaning each person will receive only one shipment at a time, no matter how many months they subscribe for.

Step 2: Organizing your socks

First, go through your sock drawer and sort your socks by color. This is called a color run in serious sock drawer management circles. It’s easy, and it makes sorting much easier. Next, remove any single socks and toss them or put them in another bin/bin or laundry basket. As part of our HEROES WEAR Philosockphy program, we like to collect all single socks into a separate laundry basket (which is also how we sell off most of our extra pairs). Simply gather up any singles you have lying around at home and donate them so that someone else can have some happiness with their one-and-only pair too!

Step 3: Washing and Drying

Whether you’re in a hurry, or just want to keep your favorite pair(s) fresh and free from dyes and other staining substances, washing your socks separately is recommended. It’s also a good idea to use a gentle laundry detergent, especially if you plan on putting your clean socks back on immediately after they dry. Washing machines can be hard on garments, so it’s important not to put them through too many cycles. It’s also ideal for durability if you air-dry your socks rather than put them in a dryer. If you decide to go with a dryer however, it's important that you make sure they aren't overdried.

Step 4: Invest in Natural Detergents

Natural detergents are not only safer for your body and clothes, but they also come with a smaller carbon footprint. The best part? They’re often just as effective (if not more so) than their artificial counterparts. Try something like Seventh Generation laundry detergent or Dr. Bronner’s castile soap—it can handle all sorts of jobs around your home and is easy on sensitive skin, too!

Step 5 - Wear Your Philosopher Socks

Next time you’re tempted to shove your shoes in your suitcase, bust out your Philosockphy socks instead. Not only will you have a great travel story, but also—because they can take up a lot less space—you won’t have to worry about forgetting an item on your packing list again. I personally love these socks (I own three pairs) and if that doesn’t convince you of their merit, I don’t know what will!

Step 6 - Give Your New Favorite Socks Away

Do you know what your favorite gift is? It’s giving gifts. That’s why HeroSocks' sock subscription service is such a perfect way to say thanks or congratulations - because every month, we send out a fun pair of fun socks. The only thing better than getting a new pair of hero socks delivered, is getting them on behalf of someone else!