How to Match Your Socks with a Tie

How to Match Your Socks with a Tie

You probably don’t spend much time thinking about the socks you wear. But maybe you should. Because sock style can be surprisingly important—it’s one of the first things people notice and judge you on, after all! Matching your socks with your tie can also help you feel more confident, as well as look more confident, too—so it’s something worth learning how to do, even if you don’t want to go so far as to subscribe to a sock of the month service.

The importance of wearing matching socks

First off, we’re not advocating that you go out and buy socks in your favorite color (or size), but rather that you consider making a sock subscription part of your everyday uniform. That way, you have matching socks at work, on date night or during other special occasions when accessorizing is important. Plus, it feels great to rock some cool socks every once in awhile. A lot of companies will actually send new matches every month for as little as $10 per year, so keep an eye out for deals like these that can add a fun new dimension to your everyday outfit. And if you want something even more luxurious?

Where to find cool socks

Sock subscriptions are one of those things you never knew you needed until someone sent you some. Although they started popping up in 2013, sock subscription services are more popular than ever, which is fantastic news for any guy who wears them (you know, everyone). They offer high-quality socks from companies like Bombas and are really easy to use. With great brands and thoughtful picks, it’s worth signing up for at least one of these sock-of-the-month services. Here’s how to get started

What are the best sock subscription services?

There are many sock subscription services you can try out. For example, there’s Tees for Every Occasion. If your taste skews more towards athletic socks, give Vitucci some consideration. Whatever route you choose, getting cool socks delivered straight to your door is an awesome way to make sure you look good and stay organized. And if you’re looking for even more sock inspiration, visit sites like mycoolpointytoesocks and pick up some tips from hipsters worldwide!

Wear it in your own style!

Yes, matching your socks and tie is very important. When done correctly it can make you look put together, professional and even more stylish. But if your aim is to go sockless, make sure they're colored in earth tones or dark navy blue (never wear white socks). And on that note: you should never tuck your shirt into your underwear! It's time we all start wearing our cool socks proudly. It's not only awesome but it says you're forward thinking and fashion conscious. Everyone needs their own pair of cool socks - sock of the month clubs are great for this! You'll get a fun new pair every month without having to go out shopping or searching endlessly online trying to find something good enough! In fact what are you waiting for?