How to Match Your Sock Subscription with the Perfect Tie

How do you match the right sock with the right tie? You could spend all day in the men’s department trying to figure it out. Instead, choose our affordable sock subscription, and we’ll do the thinking for you! Each month, we’ll send you an adorable pair of unique socks that match your taste and personality, along with ties that will pair well with them. Here’s what you need to know about matching your socks with ties from our company.

The Basics: White Dress Shoe

In order to wear socks, you need a pair of shoes. The most basic type of shoe is a white dress shoe. This may sound like a lot, but it's really not hard to find and buy one. In fact, it's probably something you already have in your closet. A pair of white dress shoes will look great with any color sock and are perfect for weddings, church, proms, or other formal events that require dress attire.

The Basics: Black Dress Shoe

What are the best shoes for a formal event? That's a hard question. It depends on your dress and also what you want your shoes to say about you. The most classic option would be black patent leather dress shoes, but that doesn't mean they're your best bet. If you have a pair of black oxfords in good condition, then go for those instead: it will give the impression that you own multiple pairs of dress shoes and that's always an impressive detail!

Bonus Tips

-Pick socks that go well together, such as a navy crew sock and a navy tie.

-Choose socks in complementary colors, such as a blue dress sock and a pink dress sock.

-Mix it up with fun patterns like crazy color dress socks or cool socks for men.