How to match your sock of the month from the socks club with a tie


You may be wondering how you can match your socks from the socks club with a tie, but there are actually several different ways to do this. Today, we’ll go over three of the best ways to make sure your socks and tie go together effortlessly, making sure you have the most stylish look possible every time you get dressed in the morning. So next time you’re looking to buy some new socks or if you just joined our sock club, don’t forget to check out our guide on how to match your socks with a tie!


Striped Sock - Classic Black Tie

A best-selling sock for men, these socks are light and breathable. The best socks for men because they keep their shape. The design includes a small polka dot pattern in black and white, alternating by row. These mens ankle socks make for an excellent gift for any occasion!
While you're at it, don't forget about dressing up your feet with our other fun colors and patterns! Pair them together with one of our dressy ties


Crew Socks - Four in Hand Knot

We've all been there, you're in need of socks but you don't know what color or style. Worry no more! Our Crew Socks - Four in Hand Knot socks are perfect for any occasion. Wear them when going out on the town, or just lounging around at home. They come in two different colors: navy and black, so they'll go with any outfit! Not only that, but these socks also have our signature striped design up the front. Plus, they're made out of 65% cotton and 35% polyester meaning they'll be comfy all day long! Join our best sock subscription plan today and we'll send you a new pair every month!


Patterned Socks - Double Windsor Knot

It's really important that you have good looking socks. If you're wearing a plain suit, like me, then you don't have much choice other than wearing dress socks. But most people are wearing more casual clothes these days, so they can wear whatever kind of sock they want, and I know that most men prefer patterned socks. Luckily for them there's now an awesome monthly subscription service for patterned socks called sock of the month Club.
I'm all about dressing up these days so I've started subscribing to this service and it's been great! I get new pairs of colorful ankle socks every month, and it's just cool because I love getting new things in the mail.


Patterned Socks - Bow Tie

The Socks of The Month Club is proud to offer two fantastic sets of patterned socks each month! You can choose between Crazy Color Dress or Crew Socks. Both sets come in 7 different colors and are sure to be perfect for any occasion.
If you're feeling a little crazy, go for our Crazy Colors Dress Socks! These bold, bright and vibrant patterns will spice up any old outfit and make you stand out. A more subtle option is our Crew Socks which come in seven different colors and will easily pair with any outfit.