How to make sure your sock subscription always matches your tie or How to always have the perfect sock to tie ratio


In the world of men’s fashion, having the perfect sock to tie ratio is incredibly important. Whether you’re dressing up, dressing down or dressing for success, it’s always nice to have that perfect pair of socks to tie ratio that will keep you looking at your very best in any situation. Now, you can increase your sock of the month subscription and be rest assured that every month your sock subscription will always match your tie! Guaranteed to match every tie! Plus free shipping and free returns! Why not give them a try? It’ll look great with your new matching belt too!


Color Matching

Dress socks are a great addition to any man's wardrobe, and with so many colors and patterns available it can be hard to know which ones will match your outfit. Luckily, there are a few tricks you can use to find that perfect pair. First, start by matching color. For example, if you're wearing navy blue pants but want a pop of color on top, go for something like green dress socks. A contrasting pattern is also another way of making an outfit stand out--a bright paisley pattern would look amazing against a dark suit! Finally, try picking out some fun socks for men that are just as bold in their design as they are in their colors. One of our favorites is these cool mens socks with an awesome skull pattern on them!


Style Matching

The easiest way to match socks with a tie is by color. You can also match them by style, but that takes more thought. Here are some guidelines for matching socks with ties:
- Match dark colored ties with dark colored socks - white, black, navy blue, etc. - Match light colored ties with light colored socks - pastel colors, beige, baby pink, etc. - Brown and orange-brown ties should be matched with brown or orange-brown socks; cream and tan should be matched with cream or tan socks; red and yellow should be matched with red or yellow socks; green and blue should be matched as well; purple and pink can be matched as well if you want a punch of color in your outfit.


Finding a sock subscription Service

If you're looking for a great gift for dad, or just want to add some more fun colors into your life without having to go out and buy new socks every month, try a monthly sock subscription service. There are lots of different styles and brands out there, but our favorites are Bombas. Bombas has three different styles: dress socks, crew socks, and ankle socks - all with funky colors. If you get two subscriptions at once you'll get double the joy (and twice as many fun colors!)


Alternative Options

Matching socks with a tie is more art than science, but there are some tricks you can use. The key is to pair a solid color of suit with either a matching color of dress socks (like dark suits and brown dress socks) or another color that contrasts nicely with the suit. You can also go for a three-piece combo and match white dress socks with an off-white suit jacket, white shoes, and brown shoes. Matching colors will help you create visual interest in your outfit while contrasting colors will provide balance. Finally, don't forget patterns! Check out our fun men's ankle socks section for some fantastic options.