How to Live a More sensible Life with the help of socks!

Socks are part of our everyday life. We wear them, we clean them and then we put them back into the drawer again. In this article, Philosockphy shows you how to live more sensibly with the help of socks!

The Socks Problem

Socks seem harmless, but they cause so many problems. They get lost in the washing machine, they end up on the floor and are constantly getting stepped on, and they just end up in piles around your house. But now you can stop worrying about those socks because there is a solution: sock subscriptions! A sock subscription is when you sign up for a monthly service that sends you new pairs of socks every month. The best part is that most subscriptions allow you to choose between different styles, colors, and patterns each month so you'll never get bored or have too many pairs of one style. And if there's an awesome deal on socks at your favorite store?

The Socks Solution

Socks can be used in many ways, and are even better when they're colourful. Here are some ideas for how you can use them to make your life more sensibly lived:

-Use colorful dress socks as an alternative to slippers-Put on some funky crew ankle socks if you get cold feet at night-Give someone you love a gift that's personalized and meaningful; like fun dress or colored ankle socks for men (or women!) -Need something extra special? Try getting yourself the best sock subscription. This way, every month you will receive new pairs of crazy color dress or cool mens or colorful ankle socks delivered right to your door.

Sock It To Them

Socks aren't just for your feet anymore. They can be used as anything from arts and crafts supplies to emergency slippers, but these life hacks will show you how you can use socks sensibly. The first hack is for when you're cooking and need an oven mitt: grab an old sock, tie it on your hand, and voila! You have a new oven mitt. The next hack is for when you spill something on your shoe: take off the wet shoe, put it in a bowl of rice, then stuff an old sock in-between the shoe so that it stays in place while it dries out.

Don’t Panic!

If you're living life on your own and you're feeling like there are too many things to do, too many decisions to make and not enough time in the day- this blog post is for you. I'm going to share some practical ways that will help you get through each day and make it easier for you. You'll be able to tackle all of those little (and big) tasks with ease.

1) Make A List

2) Prioritize Your Tasks

3) Set Realistic Goals For Yourself

4) Put Your Phone Down

5) Ask For Help

Memory Erasers? Really?!?

Socks are one of the most underrated clothing articles in our closet. Sure, they're there for when we need them but that's about it. They don't get much love. What if I told you there was another use for them? One that is so practical and useful that you'll thank me later? Socks can be used as temporary memory erasers. Yep, they can make your brain forget things. All you have to do is put them on your hands, cover your eyes and rub vigorously back and forth until you can't see anything anymore. It takes about two minutes for this process to take place and it's not only good for forgetting something specific like a name or date but also just day-to-day stresses like work or school.

A Hoot in Every Hole

A recent survey in the UK showed that men are now more likely than women to be wearing brightly coloured dress socks. mens colourful socks are often chosen for their comfort, style and durability. You can find all these qualities in our line of fun mens ankle socks. The best sock of the month club sends you different types of gift socks each month, including crew and dressy styles. That way you're never bored by your own wardrobe!

Have Fun, Get Creative, And Smile (By Wearing Socks)

Socks are not just for your feet. They can be used for many things, like keeping your hands warm in cold weather or protecting them from getting dirty. If you have an allergy, you can use them as a buffer between your skin and the environment. There are even ways to use socks for other body parts such as elbows and knees.

You don't need to be stylish in order to have fun with socks. By wearing colorful ankle-length socks, you will make people smile and laugh because they'll look hilarious at best or ridiculous at worst when paired with your favorite boots. If you're feeling crazy, get creative by wearing crazy color dress socks or cool mens socks instead of high heels (or both!).