How to Get the Perfect Socks Every Month with a Sock Subscription

How to Get the Perfect Socks Every Month with a Sock Subscription

An awesome, branded pair of socks every month? You don’t even have to leave your house? Sign me up! Okay, that might be overselling it just a bit, but if you’re looking for the perfect socks to wear with whatever you happen to be wearing—or want to wear—Philosophy Socks will send you stylish and comfortable socks straight to your doorstep every month. Want even more? We also offer men’s and women’s sock subscriptions! Read on to learn how our sock subscription can make your life better.

What are subscription boxes?

It’s relatively simple. You sign up, fill out a survey, and then receive boxes filled with curated products based on your interests and preferences. If you love socks, for example, you might get a monthly box full of colourful socks curated especially for people who love socks. Or maybe if you have kids, or like trying new things that benefit charities or organizations close to your heart, there are lots of other options too. You can search by price range ($15-$25/month or $50-$100/month), category (kids, pets, cosmetics), or brand (Birchbox; Dollar Shave Club; Stitch Fix).

What did we do wrong?

If you’re shopping for socks, you probably want them in bright, colourful patterns. At Philosockphy, we only made socks in colours that match our existing sock club's aesthetic. However, these aren’t styles people typically buy! In addition to learning more about colour theory (for both fashion and design), we could have done product research on which kinds of socks would sell well. We should have asked some friends (who like bold styles) what they liked or even looked at what kinds of different coloured socks they wanted to buy. We didn't give our customers a choice and it hurt us greatly!

Why we started our own Sock Club

I’m sure it’s no surprise, but we love socks. With so many styles, colors and brands out there, it can be hard to know where to begin (or end). To make things easier, we started our own sock of the month club. It’s been extremely popular and allowed us not only provide cool socks to our members on a regular basis, but it also helped us refine our design process and continue perfecting something we already love doing!

Is it really worth it?

So, what makes monthly sock subscriptions so great? The main benefit is convenience. When you sign up for a monthly sock subscription, you’ll stop worrying about what to buy and simply enjoy socks every month! The second reason is variety. By subscribing to something you already want and need, you’re ensuring that your box won’t be full of stuff you don’t wear or can’t use. Instead, each month will bring socks in different colours, patterns and styles—keeping things fun while saving time and money! You can also rely on your sock subscription service to have new trends before they hit mainstream fashion stores.

Current subscriptions out there

If you love wearing socks, but you’re frustrated by all of your lost socks (and broken pairs), then it’s time for a subscription service. The fact is that socks are easier to lose than they should be. They end up going missing in couch cushions, inside of shoes and in landfills. (To eliminate waste, opt for sock subscriptions that come with extras.) But no matter where your socks go, there is one commonality: their color fades over time. While some may believe that these small details don’t matter as much as we may think, our brains pay attention when it comes to color saturation — so much so that we often associate duller colors as drab or boring.

The details behind Hero Wear’s first sock club box

Whether you’re a multi-sport athlete or simply love adding an athletic flair to your outfits, finding high-quality, on-trend socks can be challenging. Until now. Hero Wear is launching its first sock of the month club and when you join, it’s sure to become your new go-to for all things sock (and more). Here are some details about what we think makes us different from other subscription services: We start every membership by sending you six pairs of socks . . . but don’t worry! There’s no commitment beyond that box so if you love them, keep ‘em. If not?

Next steps and conclusion. Let us know what you think!

We’re glad you have decided to add socks into your wardrobe. Our sock of the month club is perfect for those who are always looking for new ways to spice up their look. Think of our subscription service as your own personal stylist; it knows exactly what looks good on you and will bring in new socks every month so that you can be seen wearing something stylish and comfortable each time! In our next post, we’ll be going over some essential tips about how you can make sure your feet are always feeling good and ready for whatever challenge awaits them. With our top-of-the-line designs, featuring colours that just don’t quit, we make sure that every pair of socks is an adventure.