How to get the perfect sock and tie combination with a sock subscription

How to get the perfect sock and tie combination with a sock subscription

In many ways, having the perfect pair of socks can make or break your overall outfit. From brightening up an otherwise boring suit with a flashy pattern to making you look like more put-together than you actually are, there’s no denying that socks play an important role in any man’s wardrobe. Unfortunately, not all men have the time or desire to comb through every section of their local department store in search of the perfect pair of socks.

Step 1: Understand patterns in dress socks

While you don’t need to be a fashion expert, understanding what goes with what will help ensure your socks actually match. For example, if you want to wear stripes in your socks, avoid wearing striped pants—that might sound obvious but it’s something many men forget. This is easy if you subscribe to Philosockphy. Why? That’s because our socks come in patterns like plaids and polka dots that can be used on their own or matched up perfectly with pants like corduroys or chinos for some real style impact. If you stick to solid colors or other patterns like argyle, things are more flexible because there are more choices for shirts, ties and shoes that go well together than there are for stripes or dots.

Step 2: Find a neutral pattern that works well with suits, ties, jackets, etc.

The primary purpose of your socks is to match your suit, tie, or jacket—no one wants mismatched clothes. Finding a neutral pattern that works well for any occasion will make sure you always have perfectly matched pants. Patterns such as dots, blocks, checks, or stripes are all excellent candidates for an office environment (but feel free to mix it up if that’s what you like!). In terms of color, stick with muted tones; bright colors may work in an advertising agency but are best left out of traditional workplaces. Reds and greens stand out too much against everything else in a professional setting and can often clash even when worn together.

Step 3: Get an assortment of 4-6 pairs depending on how many outfits you want to wear them in (outfits can be limited by seasons).

Subscribe to a sock of your choice by choosing from all types, colors, and cuts. Subscription boxes can be tailored toward different styles of socks depending on how often you want to receive them. To maximize your fashion sense, we recommend subscribing every other month (giving you three pairs per year) or once a quarter (giving you four pairs per year). With frequent new shipments, it’s easy for any man on your list to have enough socks for every outfit he has. Additionally, boxes are tailored toward men, but there are selections for women as well! Instead of choosing one pair based on colors or brands, subscribe for him and let us help him decide what looks best with his collection of ties that he already owns!

Step 4: Get organized. If you have more than one pair per outfit, it's important to keep track of which outfit goes with which pair.

For example, you could group all your black socks in one pile, then all your blue socks, etc. Alternatively, you could keep track of how many black pairs, then how many blue pairs you have. It's up to you! What matters is that it's simple for you to understand and clearly laid out on a spreadsheet or document. Which brings us to...

Enjoy wearing clothes you actually like because they look good.

A lot of men wear boring clothes because they don’t want to think about what goes together. Philosockphy is different from other men’s clothing companies in that we try really hard to make sure that our customers only have styles they like. We do that by making sure every single shirt, tie, and socks are going to look great when worn together. With our sock subscriptions you'll always be able to throw on your favourite socks, pair them with your best shoes, dress shirt, and tie - because everything will match. Plus, you’ll have no more worries about whether your socks are presentable – or even matching!