How to Fold Your Socks in 5 Unique Ways

How to Fold Your Socks in 5 Unique Ways

For those who don’t have time to go to the store and buy socks on their own, sock subscriptions are a great idea. Instead of spending all that time shopping around for the perfect pair, you can have them sent directly to your house every month, saving you valuable time and energy so you can do something else more enjoyable! Here are five unique ways to fold your socks that will help you save space and make your sock drawer look more organized.

1) The Folding

If you want to keep your socks from piling up, take advantage of their shape. That’s right—just like most clothes, socks come in one of three basic shapes: square, rectangular and circular. If you want your socks organized but still without a wrinkle (because who likes wrinkles?), follow these folding instructions for each sock shape. For example, if you own only square-shaped socks or pairs of mismatched socks, place them inside one another and then fold them into an accordion-like stack. For those with rectangular socks (again on its own), place it on top of another pair before folding into thirds; finally, roll circular and single socks just as they are.

2) Additional Folds

The Basic French Roll – The traditional style of folding your socks can be formal and decorative. To do it, simply place both socks on top of each other. Then fold one sock in half lengthwise, and then again width-wise so that there are 4 layers of sock visible. Next, fold one end of the fat end at a 90 degree angle from your original folds. Be sure to line up the heel of your shoe with that 90 degree point so you'll know which side goes into your shoe first.

3) Interesting Additions

It's not just about folding socks. You can make your socks an art form. The following five-unique ways to fold your socks are functional and beautiful pieces of art for your feet. These five-unique ways will give you a leg up on everyone else when it comes to sock management because you’ll always know where each sock is—and they’ll look great too!

4) Alternative Designs

When most people think of folding their socks, they think of a simple rectangle. But there are other ways to fold your socks—and you can use them as a way to add colour and flair. If you want your socks folded differently, just try these ideas: 1) Stack three pairs of socks on top of each other, face down (folding each pair as if they were single socks). 2) Cut off a few inches from one leg; then fold it over so that it sticks out from under your sock pile. 3) Take two pairs of socks and fold them at an angle—making sure that both come out even when unfolded. 4) Have more than two pairs? Try wrapping one pair around another for a unique look.

5) Other Helpful Hints

If you're folding socks for a set of friends or family members, simply try different sock-folding techniques until you find something all parties can agree on. It's best to start out with something simple—like rolling your socks into a ball before placing them inside each other—and work your way up to more complex techniques as time goes on. And feel free to mix and match these ideas as you see fit! As long as there are two matching socks when they come out of the wash, no one will ever be able to tell that they aren't identical! This is really all about experimenting and finding what works best for your lifestyle. Also: if things get weird and people don't want you near their laundry anymore, we've got some ideas for getting rid of unwanted company.