How to Find the Perfect Sock Subscription Box for Your Guy


It’s no secret that guys love socks. In fact, according to Philosockphy, the sock of the month club has been around since 1994. If you know a guy who loves socks, then you may want to consider buying him an awesome sock subscription box this holiday season! Here are some of our favorites


Top 10 sock subscription boxes

1. The Happy Sock Company
2. Unsinkable Sammy's Socks Club
3. The Unsinkable Kids' Crew Socks Club
4. Crazy Colorful Dress Socks
5. Manchette Men's Fun & Stylish Dress and Casual Ankle, Calf, and Crew Length Cotton Blend Dress & Casual Ankle-High Stretchy Padded Thigh Highs 6. Lululemon Runners of the Month Club 7. Gifts for Men Under $50 8. The Father/Son Bonding Activity Gift Bundle 9. Mens Purple ankle socks 10. fun socks for men


The Coolest DIY sock subscription box ideas

If you want your guy's sock game to be on point this year, then he'll need a subscription box. But what kind of sock subscription box should you get him? Here are a few ideas and some tips:
-A sock subscription box that offers cool socks with awesome patterns or fun designs is perfect if your guy loves wearing dress socks or is looking for a new way to spice up his outfit.
-A monthly sock club with different themes like Trip Around the World can help your guy's sock game stay fresh all year long.
-If you're trying to find out what your guy likes before getting him a gift, consider asking him about his favorite color, shoe size, and style of socks.


Socks are a great gift idea

Giving socks as a present is always a good idea, and with all the different subscription boxes out there, you're sure to find something perfect! The best sock subscription box is going to depend on your guy. Some guys like colorful socks, some prefer funky socks or dress socks. But most importantly, finding that perfect sock subscription will be sure to brighten up his day. Best of all? You can give him an awesome surprise every month with just one click!


Reasons to start your own sock subscription box

It is becoming increasingly difficult to find cool socks for men. There are numerous sock subscription boxes available, but there aren't many options for people looking for a fun sock of the month club. For this reason, you should start your own and offer men colorful socks as well as ankle socks.