How to Choose the Best Sock of the Month Club

How to Choose the Best sock of the month Club

If you love to wear socks, but you can never find the right ones, then a sock of the month club might be just what you need. These clubs will help you get awesome socks every month without even having to go shopping! And the best part? You’ll probably have more fun picking out your monthly socks than actually wearing them! Here’s how to choose the best sock of the month club.

Why socks matter

cool socks may not seem that important, but they’re actually a game-changer. The next time you go on vacation or spend a long day at work, you’ll be glad you have them. Not only will your feet thank you for wearing cool socks—you can find lots of fun and funky styles online—but having a nice set in your bag will make it easier to pack less: No need for extra shoes! Plus, most sock subscription clubs send out 3–5 pairs each month, giving you plenty of options when it comes time to do laundry. To choose an awesome sock club and have something nice to look forward to every month, keep reading!

The best sock subscription services

You might think that cool socks are just a little too frivolous, but they make a great gift and can be an enjoyable purchase. The best sock subscription services will send you three pairs each month, based on your style preference. Most of these sites are easy to use and give you plenty of options; make sure to check out all of your options before buying! You should also consider where your socks will be shipped from. If it’s in another country, you may have to pay high shipping costs. Look for a site with competitive shipping prices, or at least one located close by so shipping is reasonably priced. You can usually find out more information about cost on each site’s FAQ page.

Cool material and design

These days, companies produce some really cool socks for men, women and children. There are wool socks that keep your feet warm in winter and even special socks that help you stay cool during a workout. It’s easy to find a sock subscription that matches your tastes and needs; whether you love wearing toe-high athletic socks or colorful crew socks with a dress suit, there’s something for everyone. Since it’s a sock subscription, you won’t have to worry about shopping around for these unique pieces of clothing—all you have to do is wait until they arrive at your door!

Quality, durable socks

If you want socks that will last, you have a few options. First, search for a sock club that has a good return policy. That way, if your first shipment isn’t up to snuff, you can swap it out for something better. For example, sock-of-the-month club Birchbox lets you return items within 30 days and exchanges or refunds up to 90 days. Second, look at reviews before buying—both on sites like Amazon and on company websites. Look for reviews that mention quality and durability—and also check out what other customers say about sizing and fit.


In terms of cost, sock-of-the-month clubs can vary widely. Some are quite affordable, and others are so lavish that they’re effectively handbags for your feet. Because socks aren’t something that you’ll wear every day, if a company is offering you an absurdly high number of pairs for an incredibly low price, be very cautious: Most likely, there is some catch involved. It might be quality control; perhaps it’s shipping charges or shipping speed.

Shipping Frequency

Monthly is preferred. Think about how often you like to receive socks, and choose a sock of the month club that best fits your needs. Some sock of the month clubs will have other frequency options available as well. If you’re looking for a sock gift for a holiday, for example, make sure your recipient can enjoy their new pairs right away. The four sock-of-the-month services we cover all offer monthly plans but some also provide bi-monthly and quarterly options if you prefer. Shipping Frequency: Monthly is preferred. Think about how often you like to receive socks, and choose a sock of the month club that best fits your needs. Some sock of the month clubs will have other frequency options available as well.

Number of Socks in a Pair

If you are looking for a sock of a month club where you will receive multiple socks per pair, you may want to look at brands like Ankle Deep and Happy Socks. Both brands offer packages that include more than one pair per month as well as special limited edition pairs that are only available via their sock clubs. To learn more about these socks of a month clubs, read our reviews on both Ankle Deep and Happy Socks. Although if you really love cool socks with colorful patterns and designs or fun sayings or just love collecting unique pairs each month, HintSocks is going to be your best bet for an awesome sock subscription service that offers tons of different choices and designs each month.

Return Policy

Make sure to read your sock of the month club’s return policy. When you subscribe to a sock of the month club, you’re basically buying into an ongoing monthly subscription. In most cases, your first payment is going towards future months—and potentially years—of socks. If a sock of the month club doesn’t accept returns, you may be locked into their service for far longer than intended or want. It may also mean that it isn’t worth canceling even if you aren’t happy with what they offer (which can be a bummer if something better comes along). Some clubs do let you return unopened packages—so read your terms and conditions carefully before making a purchase.

Value Added Extras (gift, etc.)

Go beyond socks and spice things up with a sock-of-the-month club. The trick is, you’ll need to find one that gives you socks with an added value. With a deal like that, there’s no way you won’t look forward to opening your mail every month! Here are some suggestions on how to find a sock club that provides extra value

Referral Program / Affiliate Program

If you’re looking for a sock of the month club, you should always see if there’s a referral program or affiliate program associated with it. Most monthly subscription services like socks offer referral programs because it’s a great way to spread awareness about their service. In addition, if your friend signs up and is active in their service for 30 days, you get credit that can be used towards buying socks from them! Some even offer special discount codes so you can save money on your subscription. Win-win! Another thing you should look out for is an affiliate program that lets people earn money based on referrals.

Customer Service

If you have any concerns with your sock subscription, they will be addressed immediately by phone or email. Each box comes with a guarantee. And if you don’t love your selection? You can return it for a full refund (see each website for details). They even offer discounts on bulk purchases and membership renewals. When selecting a sock of the month club, look for an established company that has been around at least a few years and is willing to stand behind their product! Happy shopping!