How to Be a Total Badass with Your Sock Subscription

How to Be a Total Badass with Your Sock Subscription

How would you like to receive a new pair of high-quality socks every month? You may have heard of sock of the month, but did you know that there are other sock subscriptions that can cater to your different needs and preferences? The Philosockphy Socks subscription service makes it easy to outfit yourself with socks that are tailored to your personal interests and style. Learn more about this unique service here!

Before you can be awesome, you need the basics

comfortable socks, well-fitting pants, and solid footwear. Have you ever worn your favorite pair of black skinny jeans only to find they’re two sizes too small after lunch? Yeah. That sucks. A good fit is always worth a second (or even third) look at your clothes—and there’s no better way to ensure that than with an automatic sock subscription service like Philosophy Socks. With monthly sock deliveries right in time for every outfit change, you can make sure that every basic piece fits perfectly by putting in minimal effort at all! What more could you ask for? Oh yeah—colorful socks! Let's look at how these bad boys work!

Add some colorful flair

Dressing for success doesn’t necessarily mean you have to be boring, but it does require some thought. Some people are more naturally inclined toward fashion than others—and that’s fine! But everyone can benefit from dressing for their personality. One way we do that is by wearing socks that suit our style. With plenty of sock subscription options available, there’s no reason not to add some color and flare to your wardrobe. If you want a simple (but perfect) way of expressing yourself while also showing off your personal brand, grab a box of Philosockphy socks today!

Step it up from there

When you’re making that big first impression, people are going to notice your shoes and socks. That’s why it’s important to be looking good in all directions. But how do you make sure you always have awesome socks for every occasion? Don’t worry—Philosophy has got your back with their Philosophy Socks of the Month Club subscription service. Each month, they will send you three pairs of kick-ass socks so that no matter what outfit you choose, your feet will look as good as they feel. They have different sock styles and colors on a monthly basis that keep things fresh and exciting all year long.

Get them on time every month

Philosocks will help you show off your strong side every month. We’ll deliver high-quality, unique socks to your door on time every month so you’re never without socks. If you’re a dude, we have socks for you in one of our three monthly subscription plans: depending on how many pairs of socks you want delivered each month, we have three plans that cost $19/month, $29/month and $39/month. Just sign up for your subscription on our website or by clicking here.

Wear them well

You may be able to get away with dressing in black, but when it comes to your socks, you should definitely not wear them on your good side. An old adage says that we each have two sides: good and bad. To avoid wearing your sock colors wrong, ask yourself if you're dressing for success or for fun. Is today about looking professional at work or going out on a Saturday night? If it's more of an off-duty day, match up your socks with your attitude and let loose! Who cares if there are only five people who know what color combination you're rocking? Wear whatever makes you feel awesome!