How to be a #SockStar: A Guide to Posting Pics of Your Funky Footwear

How to be a #SockStar: A Guide to Posting Pics of Your Funky Footwear

Clothing company Philosockphy has made it their mission to make sock appreciation acceptable, even cool. Just check out their Instagram account and you’ll see that they’re doing an amazing job of this! Take a look at this guide on how to be a #SockStar, an expert on all things socks. From finding the right socks to posting your best shots, you can learn how to show off your fun socks in style with the help of these simple tips.

Choosing the right socks

Wearing the wrong socks can ruin your day. Our advice? Buy some fun socks for men! You'll want to ensure that you match with your personality, fashion sense and mood. For instance, if you're feeling on top of the world, try wearing novelty socks or crazy color dress sock. If you're feeling chill and relaxed, opt for soft and comfortable ankle socks or cool mens socks. And if you just want something nice and classic, check out our vast selection of crew socks or funky argyle dress socks!

Choosing the right shoes

A lot of people think that the right shoes are just about looking good, but they're also about comfort. You can't walk comfortably in shoes that are too tight or don't fit properly. If you're wearing uncomfortable shoes when you go out, it might not take long before your feet start hurting and the rest of your body starts feeling tired.

To avoid this dilemma, here's some help on picking the right shoe for your foot type.

#1) Pointy Toe Shoes - If you have narrow feet, pointy toe shoes will likely work best for you as they give your toes more room to move around and wiggle freely.

Location and clothing

One way to make your socks look great on Instagram is with the right lighting and angle. Make sure you don't have too much light, because this will wash out your socks. If you're taking pictures indoors, try using natural or artificial light from the side instead of overhead. And if you're outdoors, use the sunlight behind you so that it creates shadows for depth. You can also take pictures with a long exposure setting on your phone camera for a softer, more ethereal effect.

Light and angles

One way to show off your socks is to pay attention to the light. If you're taking a photo indoors, make sure the light is on your side and not behind you. The best time for natural light would be right before sunrise or right after sunset. Direct sunlight can be too bright and wash out your socks. Also, if you want to make sure that photos are in focus, try getting close up with an object in the foreground like flowers or fruit. You can also try using different angles by shooting from above, below or at an angle (as opposed to straight-on). Changing it up will help keep things interesting!

Editing your photos

Don't neglect this essential step! While you might feel like you're the next big photographer, we recommend taking out some time and practicing your photo editing skills. This will help ensure that your posts are crisp, clean, and of high quality. Here's what we recommend doing:

#1 - Adjust the brightness and contrast on your photo This is an easy fix for your photos that have either too much light or not enough light. #2 - Cut off excess background clutter by cropping or zooming in on the focus point This is a great way to maintain attention on what you want people to see in the first place. For instance, if it's just your socks, then don't include anything else in the photo besides them!