How to Be a Sock Philosopher: The Sock of the Month Club

How to Be a Sock Philosopher: The sock of the month Club

When we talk about sock conundrums, there are many that come to mind. Are socks always supposed to match? Can you wear them with sandals? Is it rude to put your feet up on the coffee table with your shoes still on? Today I’m not going to try to solve any of these questions; rather, I’m here to tell you that there’s nothing wrong with being a sock philosopher in general, and especially so if you start your own sock of the month club!

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The Art of Folding

ankle socks are great, but they can be hard to fold. We're not going to tell you how your mom did it in the '80s because there's no way that'll work now. Thankfully, there are five different ways you can fold your socks and all of them are pretty darn good. They say beauty is in the eye of the beholder, so why not take a look at these five ways and see which one speaks to you?


The History of the Sock

One thing is certain, humans have been wearing socks for centuries. We're not quite sure when they were first invented, but we do know that sock-like garments have been found in some of the earliest-known human civilizations. For example, there are depictions on Egyptian urns from around 4500 BC that show people wearing what looks like socks. How did they wear them? They would've been folded and wrapped around their feet, just like modern socks!


The different types of socks

There are many types of socks out there, but when it comes down to it, you'll find that ankle socks are best. If you're looking for a great sock subscription service, check out the best sock of the month club. This company will send you cool crew socks, crazy color dress socks and colorful ankle socks every month. They also have fun mens ankle socks and funky fun men's colored socks too! For something different than what everyone else is getting for their family or friend this holiday season, consider gifting them with some funky colorful men's or women's dress or crew-length ankle socks from this company.

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How to take care of your socks

The best sock subscription is one that will send you more than one pair in each shipment. Here's how to take care of your socks so they last longer.
Wash them separately, in cold water with minimal detergent and hang them to dry. This way you can get multiple wears out of each pair before they need to be washed again. Inspect your socks before wearing them and repair any holes or worn patches before putting on your shoes, which can cause more damage. If it's too late for patching, just wear thicker socks over the area until you can wash and mend your original ones.

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The benefits of joining a sock club

The best sock subscription is right around the corner! In fact, it's in your inbox. With all of these fun sock options, you will always be able to find a pair that matches your style and needs. Plus, they make great gifts. Whether you are looking for ankle socks, crazy color dress socks, cool mens socks or even purple ankle socks - we have got them all!