How to be a Sock Philosopher: The 5 Funnest Ways to Style Your Socks with Any Outfit

How to be a Sock Philosopher: The 5 Funnest Ways to Style Your Socks with Any Outfit

Investing in solid socks that go with your wardrobe can be one of the smartest ways to increase your wardrobe value; after all, what’s more versatile than socks? They can complement an entire outfit or they can stand out as the highlight of an otherwise ordinary look, and they’re both fun to style and easy to switch up throughout the month or even each day if you want to! Here are 5 of the most fun ways to style socks with any outfit.

1) Layer it up

Layer socks up with any outfit in these five fun ways.

1) Start off your look by layering ankle socks over dress socks. This trend is super easy to do and also helps keep you feet warm when it's cold outside! 2) Add some color by wearing colorful ankle socks with your dress pants. 3) Mix things up by throwing on brightly colored crew socks over your business suit. 4) Wear crazy color dress socks under your jeans for a pop of color. 5) Have fun and wear funky men's socks and get the whole family involved in this fun sock trend!

2) Match them to your shoe

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3) Try different colors and patterns

Socks are the perfect gift for any occasion and make for some of the best stocking stuffers. Men's colorful socks make an excellent gift for your loved ones or children as they are one of the few pieces of clothing that can still have fun colors and patterns while still being functional and suitable for everyday wear. Mens colorful socks are pretty easy to find these days, but if you're looking for something special, then try out a sock subscription! There are some really cool sock subscriptions out there that send you new pairs of socks every month - maybe it's time to start your own sock club!

4) Wear them in non-traditional ways

1. Wear them on your hands like fingerless gloves.

2. Tuck the socks over your pants so they act as suspenders. 3. Wear them under your shoes so that when you walk, they create an adorable puffing sound like you're wearing bunny slippers (bonus points if you wear white socks). 4. Wear them on your head as a whimsical hat or scarf in case it gets cold out and you don't want to put on anything bulky (be sure not to pull too tight). 5. Wear them as arm warmers for springtime, or winter time if it's really cold outside!

5) Go sockless!

If you don't have any socks, or if your socks are in the wash, there's no need to panic! You can still look fresh and stylish by going sockless. Here are some tips for how to make that decision work for you.

1) Wear shoes that go well without socks- Make sure they're not too tight on your feet. This is especially important if it's cold outside. 2) Get creative with your outfit- If you're wearing pants, try rolling the legs up so it looks like you're wearing tall socks. 3) Go sockless on days when you don't have a ton of activity planned- If it's just a typical day at work or school and nothing too strenuous, then going sockless will be more comfortable.