How to be a Sock of the Month Club Champion on Instagram


Have you ever wondered how other sock of the month clubs manage to get such great hashtags like #sockofthemonthclub and #socksclub? Well I’m here to tell you that it’s all thanks to the sock of the month club champion on Instagram. But what exactly does it mean to be a sock of the month Club Champion? Let me explain...


Why it’s good to show off your socks

Socks are an accessory that can make you look more put together, more confident and just more fun. But we're not talking about your socks that you wear with your work suit. We're talking about ankle socks, dress socks or even crazy color dress socks. We're talking about fun men's ankle socks, cool mens socks and funky mens colorful socks.
sock subscriptions are for anyone who wants to show off their sense of style and personality with some great looking and comfortable cotton yarns in bright colors and patterns!
A sock subscription is an awesome gift idea for any man in your life-be it your dad, husband, brother or best friend-and they're easy to buy online as a last minute Father's Day gift too!


2 Ways To Share Your Sock Style

1) Share your sock style by following these 5 easy steps:
- Step 1. Find cool socks that you want to share with friends and family on social media - Step 2. Take a photo from above and make sure your toes aren't showing - Step 3. Upload your favorite pair of socks and share it with others for them to enjoy - Step 4. Use hashtags that are related to what you are wearing (i.e #purpleanklesocks, #coolcrewsocks) - Step 5. Follow other people who share their sock style as well!
2) Make it fun! Why not show off your socking skills by creating an awesome outfit around them?


What Makes an Awesome Instagram Shot?

Whether you’re creating an account for the sole purpose of showcasing your socks, or are looking to bolster your Insta-game, these tips and tricks should help. To show off your prized possession, first know what it is. Men generally want just three colors: black, white and brown. For men who prefer something more out there than this basic trio, lots of mens ankle socks offer bright colors like purple and red for those wanting some variety but not trying too hard.
1) To avoid cheesy pictures featuring semi-nude models at beaches or in backyards - try choosing props that fit with your look!


The Do’s and Don’ts of Posting Pictures

#1: Make sure your socks are clean, and never wear the same socks in more than one picture. #2: No matter how cute you think they are, no more than three pairs per post. #3: Be mindful of what color your wall is before you snap an action shot with pink socks against a white wall. #4: Don't forget to show what brand of sock you're wearing! #5#: Personalize your caption with the name or initials of who it's for (if it's for someone else) and make sure it's legible!