How to be a philosopher with your socks: matching your socks with a tie


Matchy matchy! If you have ever looked in the mirror at the end of the day and thought, I could use some more matching of socks with the rest of my outfit, then this post is definitely for you. I have compiled a list of five basic tips to help you start matching your socks with your tie today! Let’s dive right into it, shall we?

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Combining Colors

Men don't have many fashion rules, but they do have one that is clear-cut and easy to remember. To match their socks with a tie, you only need three simple steps. The first step is to match the color of the sock and the color of the fabric on the inside of their trousers or slacks. If you're wearing a light-colored suit, for example, go for light or pastel colored socks so that they don't clash too much. For dark-colored suits, it's best to go for darker tones like navy blue socks or brown socks that are close in tone.

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Making Bold Choices

Men, who are on the go and need some help figuring out what goes best with their outfit. This is where you come in! We've compiled a list of socks that will make any man feel more stylish. And don't forget, don't forget to match that sock color to the same color in your dress shirt!
1) Mens Purple ankle socks
2) Mens Colored Socks
3) Mens Colored ankle socks
4) Fun Men's ankle socks
5) Cool Men's Socks
6) crazy color dress socks
7) Best Crew sock subscription

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Complimentary Colours

The best way to wear a tie is by following the complimentary colour theory. This says that wearing two colours that are opposite on the color wheel will produce the most pleasing visual result.
An example of this would be pairing navy blue and pink together. The complementary colour theory can also work in different combinations, such as black and green or red and orange.