How to Be a Hero with a Sock Subscription

How to Be a Hero with a sock subscription

How to be a hero? I know it’s not very difficult, but if you don’t have the right outfit, it’s hard to be the hero. That’s where our HEROES WEAR Philosockphy SOCKS from our sock of the month club can help you to be the hero you deserve to be. Each month, you can get new socks with unique designs and styles to match your own personal style and personality. And don’t forget that these socks are fun, fashionable and functional!


The whole story behind heroes wear philosophy

The idea for Heroes Wear Philosophy was born out of founder, John Muir's, desire to bring more color into his wardrobe and the world. When he couldn't find any fun socks that were up to his standards, he decided it was time for him to make them himself. With a little help from some friends and family, he started making cool socks in his basement and has now grown Heroes Wear Philosophy into one of the fastest-growing sock subscription companies on the market.


The subscription box itself

HEROES WEAR Philosockphy SOCKS from our sock of the month club. Get that hero feeling by gifting our socks or signing up for your own subscription. You can choose between ankle, dress and crew socks - all in various colors and patterns so you can have fun matching them up with your wardrobe. We offer both monthly and quarterly subscriptions so you can find the perfect fit for you. Plus, if you sign up for our Quarterly subscription, you'll get a pair of one of our wildly popular crazy color dress socks each season!


Why philosophy?

We believe you should be able to express yourself any way you want, and that your socks are no exception. That's why we offer the most diverse selection of fun, colorful, creative and quirky sock subscriptions for men on the market. Whether you're looking for work-appropriate dress socks or just something fun for everyday wear, our monthly sock club has something for everyone. We have ankle length as well as crew length socks in an array of patterns from classic stripes to animal prints! And every month is different - so whether it's your birthday or Christmas you'll always get something new and exciting from us.


What's in it?

Hero socks are here! Just sign up for our sock of the month club and you'll receive the best crew socks and ankle socks. We have fun men's ankle socks that come in all different colours, or cool mens socks if you're looking for something more subtle. If you want to get your dad some funny funky socks, we also have lots of fun dress socks that he will love. You can get one month at a time or our sock of the year club which is perfect for dads who want to spoil their kids on Father's Day. All subscriptions come with free shipping so it's super convenient too!


Where can I buy it?

-Hero Wear Philosocks is one of the best sock subscriptions because they are always making new designs and adding new socks to their line.
-This is the perfect subscription for men who like to wear fun socks that show off their personality.
-It's also great for people who want to buy something for a guy but can't decide what he would like.
-If you love brightly colored socks and want a monthly surprise, this is the perfect subscription for you!
-They offer anklets as well as ankle socks in every color imaginable and design imaginable. -Their prices are more than fair, starting at $8 per month, so you get great quality without breaking the bank.


Does it have socks for women?

We have socks for both men and women! All of our socks are made of the highest quality materials and come in an awesome assortment of colors. Whether you're looking for colorful ankle socks or cool socks for men, we've got you covered. We also offer fun socks for men if you want something a little more on the playful side. Plus, our sock subscription club is awesome! It's the best sock of the month club out there and it's surprisingly affordable. What are you waiting for? Become a hero today with your own pair of Philosocks!


Do they make any other products besides socks?

Philosocks is more than just socks! They have an entire line of clothing and accessories for men who are looking for a fun and comfortable wardrobe. We offer brightly colored socks, awesome socks club, mens purple ankle socks and so much more! Check us out today and we'll hook you up with your first pair of our incredible Philosocks.


What do my socks mean to you?

We believe that socks have the power to make us feel like heroes. What does your sock subscription mean for you? For me, it's about having colorful socks when I'm in need of some color and fun. It's about being able to show my appreciation for all the things I have by treating myself with something new and small. It's about being able to start my day on a brighter note than I would if I didn't have awesome socks waiting for me at home.