How to Be a Badass with Your Socks Subscription

How to Be a Badass with Your Socks Subscription

I know what you’re thinking... socks? You betcha! You see, we all have our bad side – the one that makes us feel awkward, nervous, or even self-conscious about how we look to other people. When you wear your Philosockphy Socks on your bad side, you’ll come across as confident and comfortable in your own skin... that in turn will make other people think you’re more confident and comfortable in your own skin too!

6 Reasons Why You Need This Exclusive Luxury Underwear Subscription

Philosophy Socks are an iconic brand of premium men’s clothing. With clean lines and bold color combinations, it’s not hard to see why they were included in Esquire Magazine’s top 10 best men’s underwear brands. Adding luxury socks to your wardrobe is guaranteed to add a sophisticated style and attitude that will turn heads no matter where you go. A Philosophy Sock subscription is perfect for gifting or treating yourself! Start your own Luxury Underwear Subscription Today! Sign Up Here

5 Things You Can Wear With These Underpants

The underwear subscription that will change your life has finally arrived. In addition to providing a fashionable alternative to boring old cotton, Philosockphy also provides durable support and custom sizing so you can forget about those g-strings. When you subscribe, you'll get two new pairs of underwear each month in whatever colors you want. Not sure what colors work best for your wardrobe? We gotchu - our customer service experts will analyze how you dress and recommend styles that fit your personality. You'll find out everything there is to know about their philosophy when they reach out and ask questions about what makes you tick: What excites and energizes me? What drains my energy? What do I fear?

5% of All Sales from Every Month goes to a Charity

So, we aren’t asking you for money. We are asking you to give us your time, your attention and maybe even some of your hard-earned cash. But in return we will be giving you something much more valuable – a sock subscription that not only gives back but also makes sure that all three socks in every pair are cute. Yes, it may be impossible for anyone else (we tried) but Philosockphy knows that being bad ass is about more than just wearing cool socks. It’s about making sure our minds are clear when we go out into the world and about having awesome conversations over coffee in those cool socks.

3 Surprise Gifts

With every 3 month subscription you receive 3 different pairs of socks! When it’s time for a new pair, we will send you an email letting you know which ones have been chosen just for you. From black and white polka dots, to super soft cotton socks there are no rules on what kind of sock we can choose. We like colourful and fun socks so be ready for anything! The choice is ours!

2 Philosophy for Life in Every Box

Philosockphy is all about celebrating life's most important moments, like weddings and bachelor parties. But it’s not just about special occasions; Philosockphy has a theme every month so you can show off your lifestyle whenever you want. It’s an affordable way to bring art into your everyday life—and we guarantee each design will be sure to turn heads. The fun designs are meant for men and women alike, making Philosockphy the perfect gift for anyone in your family or circle of friends.

1 A Better Way to Buy Underwear Online

Before you order your next pair of socks online, take a look at your sock drawer. How many mismatched pairs do you have? When was the last time you made an effort to coordinate your socks? If you've been wearing boring undies for years, think about how exciting it would be to start from scratch and pick out new socks that really show off your personality and keep all of those mismatched ones looking great as well. With PhilosophySox's subscription service, there's no need for that—it does it all for you!