How the Sock of the Month Club Made Me a Better Person

How the sock of the month Club Made Me a Better Person

A little over three months ago I started the sock of the month Club, and it's one of the best decisions I've ever made. Each month I get to open up my door to find new, exciting socks waiting for me, and all with the comfort that comes with knowing they'll fit my foot perfectly. I never have to think about what socks to put on when I get dressed in the morning because I already know, my monthly sock-of-the-month will be waiting for me!


The socks are really soft

I was not expecting to find so many fun socks for men. fun socks for men are hard to come by, and I've been looking all over. They're usually either too feminine or they're just boring colors. But I found socks that had colors that seemed like they were made specifically for me. It's one of the best discoveries ever! I also found crew socks, which is something I didn't even know existed. You can't go wrong with those when it comes to comfort and style! Plus, there's the convenience of being able to wear them without tying them because they have elastic around the top. The best part about this sock club though has been how it helped me become more thoughtful and intentional in my gift giving.


They come in some cool designs

I've always had an affinity for socks. It's no wonder I'm hooked on the sock of the month club. These socks are pretty cool, from crazy color dress socks to cool mens socks. All my favorite colors and designs are available for me to indulge in! I especially love getting them as gifts because it is such a fun novelty item, but can also be super practical if you're looking for some new dress sock or ankle sock designs.


It's fun to get something every month

The sock of the month club made me feel like I was getting something every month. It was always fun to see what came in my package and open it up to see what I got. The socks were always really colorful and had fun designs on them which I think is great because it means that you can wear your socks without worrying about it being too boring or not being able to mix and match with other clothes you might be wearing. It's also really nice that they offer a variety of different types of socks so you're never just getting a single type or style, meaning that there's never any repeats in your package! Overall, I found that the sock of the month club made me feel like I had an exciting present waiting for me every time I opened up my mailbox!

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There's a little mystery every month!

It's always exciting to see what's in my box when it arrives. I love that there is always an extra surprise in every shipment like some cool socks or a fun dress sock. And I love that they include men's ankle socks and crew socks because those are some of my favorite kinds to wear. The quality is amazing and I never have to worry about getting holes in my socks again! It feels good knowing that my gifts will be appreciated when I send them out too. My friends and family all get excited when they see new colorful socks coming their way from me as well!


There's always an extra surprise in my box

The socks in my sock subscription are always such a nice surprise. I love when I get to open up my sock box and see what socks I got this month. They're never what I expected, but they're always perfect for me. The mens purple ankle socks that came in this month's shipment were just what I was looking for! It's so fun when you can wear something new every day!


The customer service is great!

The customer service is great and they are always quick to respond to any questions I have. The website has a lot of information about each sock, so you can make sure you're getting something you'll love before you order. Plus, if there's anything wrong with your socks or if they just aren't what you expected when they arrive, they'll take them back within 60 days and give you a full refund. I really like how easy it is to return things that don't work out for me. It's nice that I'm not stuck with socks I don't want to wear just because I spent money on them.


They help children who need clothes and other items.

I discovered this great company called KidStart when I was reading about the best sock subscription. They help children who need clothes and other items. It's an awesome company with a great mission. All you have to do is donate your old socks and they'll turn them into new ones for kids in need! I loved their story so much that I wanted to share it with you!


I wear them all the time!

I'm hooked on the sock of the month club. For those who don't know, it's basically like receiving a gift from your best friend every month. The socks are awesome, colorful, and fun. They're just for men and come in all different sizes and styles. I wear them all the time!