How the Sock of the Month Club has Made Me a Better Person

How the sock of the month Club has Made Me a Better Person

Hear me out on this one. When I first heard about the sock of the month club, I wasn’t all that interested in becoming a member; it sounded silly and extravagant, and I didn’t have any need for new socks on my feet. However, after trying out the sock of the month club for myself, I realized it was actually much more than just some cool socks sent to my door every month; it was like a secret weapon to living life to the fullest and taking more time out of my day to be happy and have fun!


It's given me great conversation starters

I've been fortunate enough to be in a place where I feel like I can afford to buy nice things for myself, but it's not often that I find something that is so much fun and makes me smile when I get it. But socks are different. They're inexpensive, they make me laugh, and they have made me more sociable than any other gift could ever do. If you know someone who always complains about their boring sock drawer or doesn't wear colorful socks because they think people will judge them - well this is their chance! This month's designs are crazy color dress socks and cool socks for men - so there is really no excuse to not give them some fun new socks!


Every package makes me happy

I never thought that socks could make me this happy. I love opening up my sock package and seeing what kind of fun socks for men I was gifted with this month. One month it might be cool mens socks, and another it might be colorful ankle socks. The sock subscription company is always coming up with new designs for all sorts of different purposes. It's great to get something so practical in the mail each month, but also to have fun too!


They fit perfectly in my car to keep me warm during long drives

I love these socks! I drive for Uber and Lyft in Chicago and when it's winter time, I wear these socks to keep my feet warm. They fit perfectly in my car so they don't take up too much space. The colors are fun and they're really comfortable. I can't wait to see what new designs they come out with next month!

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The socks are high-quality & super soft

I'm hooked on the sock of the month club.
I was really excited when I got my first shipment in, because I knew I would get six pairs of new socks every month. When they came in they were high-quality and super soft. The thing is, once you try them on and find a favorite pair, you'll want to order more! Plus, if you get two packages it's like getting 12 pairs for $25! The company always has fun men's ankle socks, fun dress socks and colorful socks for men which is perfect because my fiancé loves these kinds of things too so it's not just me who gets to enjoy them.

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You can wear them with anything

I'm hooked on the sock of the month club because it gives me something new to wear every month. It's also great as a gift for family and friends. The socks are fun, colourful and always make me feel happy.
For men, there are purple ankle socks, colourful socks or even ankle socks. You can wear them with anything!


They're always a good gift idea

I've been hooked on the sock of the month club since I found out about it. It's perfect for me because they always have gifts that people wouldn't buy for themselves, but would love to receive as a gift. Plus, it's an easy way to give someone something nice without having to remember when their birthday is or what their favorite colors are. I like that they have crew socks and ankle socks so you can give someone socks for any occasion. They also send you two pairs every month which means you don't need to worry about running out in the middle of winter. The best part is there are different colors every month so you get some variety without having to buy your own socks every season.