How Sock Subscriptions Can Say a Lot about You

How Sock Subscriptions Can Say a Lot about You

How many times have you said to yourself, I need new socks! Or perhaps you’ve been thinking about taking the plunge and buying a subscription to the monthly sock of the month club – or maybe you already do? If you haven’t yet, why not take a look at the benefits that a sock subscription can provide and whether it could be just what you need to keep your feet happy every day of the month!

The Origins of the Genre

Though sock subscriptions originated with Stance, there are now dozens of other brands in existence. While each of these companies boast their own unique colors and styles, one thing they all have in common is that you can’t buy them in stores. The way sock subscriptions work is pretty simple: Each month, you receive a package with two or three pairs of custom-made socks (based on your preferences). Like most subscription services, these socks then continue to arrive automatically every month until you decide to cancel. Having so many companies out there means that finding something that fits your interests is easy. Whether you like stripes or solid colors, athletic or dressy styles (or any combination thereof), chances are someone's created a subscription for you—and maybe for someone else as well!

The Pros and Cons of Going Shopping for Socks

When you’re starting out your day, it’s easy to think, I don’t have anything to wear. I need new socks. But before you head off to buy some, keep in mind that for most men—and women!—shopping for socks is far from enjoyable. Sure, it might not be like doing your taxes or taking out trash, but shopping for clothing is still something most of us would rather avoid if we could. That could make sock subscriptions a good option; they take away some of those hassles by doing all that legwork for you.

The World's Best Brands in Men's Socks

If you’re shopping for socks, chances are you already know where to get them. What if we told you that these brands have more to offer than just basic cotton? Whether your current socks of choice aren’t colorful enough or they’re too thick, quality sock subscriptions will give you something new and exciting to try every month. Brands such as Falke, Fort Belvedere, and Happy Socks create socks made with beautiful patterns and vibrant colors that will make any outfit stand out. So why wait? Start receiving one pair of designer socks per month today.

The Top Men's Fashion Subscription Boxes to Try Out

The world of subscription boxes is ever-expanding, with companies popping up left and right to offer unique subscription packages. But when it comes to men's fashion and accessories, there are only a few options out there that you can feel good about supporting. Want to try them all? Then head over to our list of subscriptions that men will love. Here's your chance to explore what's inside each monthly delivery box

A List of More Than 20 Different Clothing Subscription Boxes Worth Looking Into

This list provides some of our favorite clothing subscription boxes. Some we've tried and loved, and others are ones we're interested in trying soon. This list will be regularly updated as more brands launch their own clothing subscriptions. As such, you may want to bookmark it or check back often if you're looking to subscribe yourself. The subscription boxes range from men's to women's, cover multiple price points and most importantly, they offer a variety of styles so you can find something you love every month!