How men’s statement socks became a trendy fashion accessory and how to wear them?

Men's fashion accessories are quite different from women's. Although their offer might not be so varied and wide, it is certainly important for all those who are taking care of their fashion style and outfit. For a long time, men's accessories were limited to a wristwatch, tie, bow tie, square pocket-handkerchief, belt, etc. but what has lately come up on the fashion radar are the statement socks.

The statement socks, whether they are distinguished by some bright hue or bold patterns, or both at the same time, have become the go-to fashion accessory for many guys that are incorporating them in their daily styles and outfits. Socks have not enjoyed a lot of attention for more than a decade, but now, they are being more visible than ever. They are even influencing the reinvention of the hemlines, pushing them shorter, and making just enough space for the statement sock to come out. For those who are new to the statement socks, they are the accessory that represents a youthful and carefree look, as well as effortless charm. Now, it is more than evident that the statement socks have become a fundamental part of the accessory arsenal.

It was not long ago when the men's runway shows and fashion weeks started to put an accent and focus on the socks. At first, this move by the fashion industry was perceived with a huge dose of reservation. Especially if you add to the fact that these types of socks were paired with some quirky and not-so-basic fashion outfits. Many guys found them unsuitable for daily wear and labeled them as another try from the fashion industry to impose a new fashion wave. However, as time passed by and the fashion became more diverse and inclusive, the situation with the statement socks changed. Today, they are an inevitable and common choice for men who are willing to make a fashion impression.

Men’s socks are more than just being a necessary item you wear with your footwear. And while back in the time the options were limited to some basic and neutral colors, the statement socks appeared just in time to do what was lacking in the men's fashion – making a statement with this subtle item. While the “mankle”, also known as "bare ankle worn with a loafer-type shoe" is still very dominant, the trend of the statement socks somehow predominates over. The idea of splashing out on a brightly colored sock is something that has taken over men's fashion and more and more modern men are shifting towards this trend.

With the idea to cater to all those modern, contemporary, and fashion-oriented men, we at PHILOSOCKPHY have a large and varied offer of the most interesting and stylish statement socks. With the abundance of prints and patterns, there is simply everything for everyone.

How to wear statement socks?

Any statement look can be successfully achieved with a unique piece that will stand out and build the rest of the outfit. When it comes to socks and making a statement with them, the option is to go as bold and colorful as much as possible. Generally, the socks are partially covered by the shoes and often with pants, so they will need to stand out so that they can get attention.

The basic idea of the statement socks is to attract attention. That is why the outfit should be simple and the accessories neutral. It is best to avoid clothes with the material or design that clashes with the design of the socks. So, no strong pattern or color in the clothes. For example. If the trousers or the suit are striped or have a specific design, choosing socks in a strong pattern or color will lose its primary fashionable goal of being a statement piece. So, if in doubt, the option should go with neutral or earthy colors. These types of socks always look good and dominant with classic pieces like jeans, T-shirts, sweaters, and button-down shirts. The vivid and vibrant socks draw attention to the overall outfit and that is why the outfit should be kept a bit low down.

The next important thing to pay attention to with the statement socks is the shoes.

The right type of shoes can complement the socks and help them stand out a bit more. Casual shoes for a wedding or some other official event work well with socks with more color and pattern. It is part of the new trend, that shows the so-called “crazy socks” with dress loafers. Overall, the statement socks are a great way to spice up the work attire outfit or add a touch of thoughtful style to a night out. However, one thing to keep in mind is that formal-style shoes do not go well with outrageous socks, because they will simply not look appropriate for the occasion. As for the sneakers, they should be in some neutral color so that the colorful and patterned socks can truly stand out.

How to match your statement socks to your outfit?

Suit and statement socks

If you want to keep the style and the outfit simple, it is best for the socks to match the pants. So, how can you spice up the formal attire look with bold socks? Well, if you are wearing a suit or trousers that are in muted colors, like grey, then, wearing a brighter and more vibrant pair of colored socks can look great. This is a type of combination that can provide a cool, yet tasteful, and confident look. The contrast in color gives just the right elegant fun for a business occasion.

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For a night out

The night-out attire falls in the category between workwear and casual wear. That gives a great opportunity to elevate the everyday style and match the outfit with statement socks. Whether it is for a dinner, night out in the town, concert, or a club, choosing to combine the cool and the subtle is best done with fun patterned socks. One look that never goes out of style is the blue jeans with dark leather shoes – and statement socks that pop out.

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Statement socks and accessories

It is always a good idea to choose socks that complement the rest of the accessories that come as a part of the outfit. If a pocket square or a tie is a part of the outfit, it is best to choose socks in the same color or pattern. It will provide a matching symmetry. Another great look is to match the trousers and socks by color, for a more seamless look.

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Are statement socks something to consider?

The answer is yes, definitely. Wearing statement socks allows a person to express who they are. They are a perfect way to stand out, show unique fashion styles and display confidence in a new, fresh way. There is a general opinion that people wearing bold and colorful socks are perceived as smarter, more creative, and successful people. It is always a good idea to have at least a few pairs to choose from whenever you feel that your look needs a bit of a change. That is why we are PHILOSOCKPHY see the bold and statement socks as a fun and interesting way to bring some playfulness and excitement into your daily fashion style and outfits.

Our PHILOSOCKPHY is to bring versatile designs for everyday wear, at the most affordable prices. And while we do all of that, from a fashion point of view, we also take care and make a positive impact with the sustainability approach for the environment and the well-being of the community. Wearing socks does not have to be a boring routine; it can give your lifestyle a much-needed dose of colorfulness and excitement, something that will absolutely refresh your perception.