How I Saved Over $25 on Socks with a Sock of the Month Subscription

How I Saved Over $25 on Socks with a sock of the month Subscription

Before I discovered how to save over $25 on socks with a sock of the month subscription, my sock drawer looked something like this

The Dilemma

Like many people, my entire sock drawer consists of mismatched socks. One day it hit me: Why do I have to spend money on new socks when my old ones are just fine? And as long as they’re just fine, why not try out sock subscription services?

The Solution

Sure, you can buy socks in bulk at Costco or stock up when they’re on sale, but sock subscription services like Stance and Bombas offer styles that won’t fall apart and colors that will bring your outfit to life. You don’t even have to hunt for them in stores—they come right to your door! If your sock drawer is looking a little sparse (or maybe just way too colorful), why not try out one of these? You may never buy socks in bulk again.

My Cratejoy Review

Before I launched my sock of the month subscription service, my laundry room was filled with a crazy number of socks. Unfortunately, I’m terrible at organizing, so they were stuffed into shoeboxes and thrown willy-nilly into baskets. It wasn’t pretty. As someone who doesn’t enjoy doing laundry (who does?!), you can bet that things were extra chaotic – to say nothing about how difficult it was to find specific pairs when all my socks were jumbled together! Then one day, it hit me: if your customers buy in bulk from your store, why not bundle an option for them to sign up for a sock subscription?

Budget Breakdown

Why You Need to Know How Much You're Spending Before You Decide Where to Cut Costs: For most people, budgeting is not as fun as shopping. But making sure you have enough money saved up to meet your financial goals can be incredibly rewarding in its own way. By knowing how much money you spend every month and where that money goes, it’s easier to make conscious decisions about where you can cut costs without sacrificing anything you truly value. That’s why we recommend creating a monthly budget for yourself at least once per year; not only will it give you insight into your spending habits, but it will also let you know whether or not your savings account balance is growing.

The Bottom Line

Buying socks for men as gifts can be tricky, especially if you’re not too sure what kind of sock your guy likes. Buying him one pair at a time is expensive and inevitably means he’ll get similar pairs by accident. One way to mitigate that is by signing up for a sock-of-the-month subscription: An online service will deliver high-quality woolen socks straight to his door each month. With enough options to keep things fresh, you won’t have to worry about where your next present idea is coming from! Here are some sock subscriptions worth considering