How a Sock Subscription Can Say a Lot about You

How a Sock Subscription Can Say a Lot about You

You wear your clothing, but are you really aware of what it says about you? Sure, there’s the stereotypical image of the lumberjack in boots and flannel, but do you really want to cultivate that look? More importantly, are you like most people and unaware of what your clothing choices say about you? Luckily, there’s an easy solution to both these issues! When you sign up for a sock subscription, you’ll be able to wear stylish socks from month to month and not have to think about what goes with what.

The socks I wear say nothing about me

The way we dress, including what socks we wear, says more about us than we may think. And, these days there’s an enormous market for consumer goods, such as clothing and accessories. So why should socks be any different? Are your feet looking just a little lonely in those shoes? Don’t worry—we can fix that! Consider subscribing to one of our online sock subscriptions. It’s never been easier to look good while feeling great and saving money at the same time! That way you’ll always have unique stylish socks right when you need them. Plus: every pair is guaranteed for fit, quality and freshness, so you'll never have to wonder if they're worth keeping or not.

The socks I wear say something, but only if you know the right way to look at them

Those who know me would say I’m not one to follow a trend, but even I can admit it: The sock subscription is having its day. And if you love unique socks or want to show off your impeccable sense of style, then picking up a sock subscription may be right for you! I don’t usually like getting overly involved in trends; after all, there are far too many things that take up my time that aren’t going to stay forever. But with an exploding trend like sock subscriptions, you should definitely consider taking advantage.

The socks I wear say things other than what I want them to mean

if they're wrinkled up in my gym bag, it means I'm planning on going to the gym; if they have little holes in them from running, it means I've been going too far. It turns out that what you wear on your feet has a lot to say about you! While I personally don't subscribe to any sock-of-the-month subscriptions (I like to buy my socks!), there are some that might be better suited for you.

The socks I wear are curated for maximum effect on others

they are picked with care and precision. I consider what other people think of me when putting on my socks. I make an impression and that's why I take so much time in choosing them, picking out just the right shade of color, thickness, or pattern to say exactly what I want to. And don't worry if it's not obvious at first glance—it will be soon enough! What does your sock subscription say about you? Does it reveal something special or unusual? Tell us all about your sock philosophy!

The socks I wear are there for reasons other than aesthetic or practical

they are an extension of my personal brand. I would never wear a pair of socks with a hole in them, and I can’t think of many times that I wore two different kinds in one day. When it comes to how you carry yourself—what you eat, what you wear—the little things matter; they create opportunities for people to get to know you better.

My sock collection says everything that needs to be said about me

I’m practical. I never want to be caught short-socked, and I understand that a fresh pair of socks every month can literally change my life. The difference between wearing comfortable socks and painful cheap socks is actually huge – if you haven’t experienced a subscription service for socks before, it’s time to get on board! As someone who works with his hands all day, nothing makes me happier than taking off my shoes after work and putting on an awesome new pair of custom-fitted ones. While most guys think of socks as something to just put on your feet until they wear out, think again: you could be missing out by not subscribing to one of these amazing sock companies today!