How a Sock Subscription Can Say a Lot About You

How a Sock Subscription Can Say a Lot About You

How would you like to receive a unique pair of socks in the mail each month? In addition to being able to say I get new socks every month, they’re also fun to wear and show off. If you’re an active individual who likes to keep their feet warm while they wear their favorite shoes, then sock subscriptions are perfect for you. Whether it’s winter or summer, these companies will provide you with the right kind of socks that keep your feet comfortable and looking good!

Definition of a Sock Subscription

A sock subscription is a convenient way to have socks sent to you on a monthly basis. Some of these services may send you fun, novelty, or themed socks depending on your preferences. Most of these services allow you to choose your size, what type of materials and colors you want in your socks, and whether or not you want graphics or just plain colored socks. The most basic sock subscriptions will deliver low-cost (but well made) black cotton ankle-length socks, but some companies offer varying levels of customization that can fit any budget.

A Quick History Lesson

The first sock subscription service was launched in 2000. That service, called IncrediSocks, was run by a father who wanted to make sure his son had matching socks on every day. These days, IncrediSocks offers 18 different styles of socks and ships to more than 80 countries. Today's sock-subscription services focus less on matching socks for kids and more on curating socks from many popular brands like Betabrand and Saucony.

The Benefits

Are you always looking for an excuse to buy more socks? Do you have some kind of sock-themed holiday, like Socktoberfest? Is your dream of sock-dom to become known as The Patron Saint of Socks or perhaps Socktober Boy? If any of these are true, then it seems as though you might be suffering from an unhealthy Philosockphy. Fortunately, there is a cure: subscribe to a monthly sock subscription!

Sock Types

There are different types of socks for different occasions. For example, there are socks for athletic activities such as running and hiking, but there are also formal styles that will make you look nice when you go out to work or socialize. So before you buy yourself new socks, you have to ask yourself why exactly you need them and what purpose they will serve. Perhaps they’re just practical or maybe they’re supposed to add some flair to your wardrobe. Whatever reason leads your search into men’s or women’s sock subscriptions, know that each company has its own style and philosophy behind their products—and every pair of socks says something about who you are. Here is a list of some of our favorite sock subscription companies

Your Personality Based on Your Type

There are, of course, tons of ways to determine someone’s personality. But how do your socks say about you? It may be a stretch but, hey, we’re all about stretching things here at Philosockphy—which is why we have given it our best effort to determine your personality based on what you wear on your feet! Each type represents one part of any given personality. Because no one can judge you without knowing who they are dealing with. So what are you waiting for? Scroll down and see which type or types fits or fits your entire personality and see if they surprise you in any way!


The way you present yourself goes a long way toward defining your style and self-identity. Having an entire wardrobe of stylish, elegant clothing isn’t enough; you also need a complete collection of socks with personality to put it all together. With Philosockphy, you can proudly display one-of-kind pairs that tell a visual story about who you are—and what kinds of activities you like to pursue. Whether they express your love for bowling or reflect your commitment to keeping earth healthy by recycling aluminum cans, wearing socks with thoughtfully chosen themes creates an inimitable style that reveals more about your personality than any other item in your ensemble.