How a Sock Subscription Can Bring Calm to Your Life


What’s better than receiving socks in the mail every month? Nothing, that’s what! Especially when the socks are stylish, colorful, and fun to wear, like the socks from Philosockphy Socks! We all know how stressful life can be, but something about getting a pair of bright red Philosockphy socks each month can bring joy to even the most worrisome of days. In this guide, we’ll teach you how to start your own sock subscription service using the Philosockphy Socks business model as an example of success.


Have you ever subscribed to something?

It's hard to find the perfect gift for your dad, brother, or friend. And if you're lucky enough to know what they want, it can be tough just knowing where they would buy it. Luckily, there is something out there that will solve both of these problems: socks! This is an especially great gift because it's not only practical and affordable but also fun. It doesn't matter who you're buying for - dads love colorful socks and dress socks while brothers like crazy-colored ankle socks - they'll be happy with any type of sock subscription.


What can I subscribe to?

You can subscribe to our socks of the month club and receive twelve pairs of high-quality, men's dress socks delivered straight to your door. This is perfect for those who are looking for fun socks for men or cool mens socks. From crazy color dress socks and cool socks for men to colorful ankle socks and funky crew socks, we have it all!


What are my options?

PhilosophySox is an awesome sock club that sends fun, colorful and crazy socks every month. For less than the price of one pair at the store, you can get 12 pairs of fun socks delivered right to your door every month. There are four different subscription lengths: 3 months ($24), 6 months ($30), 12 months ($45) or 24 months ($85). If you like gift giving, you can also buy PhilosophySox as a gift for someone else! Whether it's Christmas, Father's Day, Hanukkah or just because they're awesome and deserve some socks in their life - they'll thank you.


What items should I get?

Philosophy is about living the best life possible and it's our mission at Philosockphy to help you do just that. We offer high-quality socks at an affordable price and with every purchase you are helping us donate $1 to charity. Our socks come in many different styles and colors, so there is something for everyone. Whether you're looking for men's purple ankle socks or mens colourful socks, we have what you need. You can always find the perfect gift on our website by browsing through our sock subscription options or by checking out some of our fun men's ankle socks or best crew socks! There is truly no better time than now to get your feet into Philosockphy!


Unboxing Experience

I was so excited when I received my Philosocks package in the mail. I opened it up and found a colorful package filled with socks that just made me smile. There were five pairs of men's ankle socks, one pair of men's colorful socks, and two pairs of gift socks (one for my dad, one for my mom). They all had fun slogans on them like Keep Calm and Wear Philosocksphy Socks or Under Construction but still kicking ass. The colors were just perfect too; they were bright but not overwhelming. And they had the cutest little sayings on the back of each sock!


Final Thoughts & Thanks

Philosophy socks are the best sock of the month club. We have fun dress socks and colorful socks for men. You can even get cute socks for women! Check out our website and we will hook you up with your very own sock subscription.