How a Sock of the Month Subscription Saved My Life


I love all of my socks, but I have an especially fond place in my heart for the ones in my sock of the month club subscription. If you haven’t heard of these monthly subscriptions yet, it’s time to get on the bandwagon! They’re an awesome way to save money and give yourself a fun surprise each month at the same time. You can find subscriptions for stationary, food, or beauty products, but my favorite by far is getting an awesome new pair of socks every month.


Should you start your own sock subscription business?

Having been receiving monthly packages in the mail for over two years now, I can attest that it's not only fun, but also an easy and enjoyable way to cheer up on those days when you feel overwhelmed. It might seem like a lot of work to start your own sock subscription business, but it's actually not that difficult if you know what steps to take. The first step is to choose what type of socks you want to send out each month- whether they be colorful ankle socks or crazy color dress socks. Next, decide how many pairs you'll be sending out per month- monthly or quarterly. You should also consider how much people are going to pay for the subscription and determine if they should be able to purchase more than one at a time.


5 Pros and Cons Of Starting A Business in Your Spare Time

Starting a business in your spare time has its perks, like not having to deal with the stress and pressure of being an entrepreneur. However, you have to be willing to put in more hours than someone working for someone else. The time commitment can vary depending on what type of business you're starting but it's important that you budget your time accordingly or risk getting burned out.
#5 Pro - You can work from anywhere, as long as there's an internet connection! #4 Con - Starting anything while working another full-time job is tough; it requires discipline and commitment. #3 Pro - It's less risky because you don't need investors or any other type of outside funding. If it doesn't pan out, no one is going to lose money.

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5 Steps to Getting Started With a New Business

1) Find an Idea - The first step in starting your own business is to find an idea. This can be done by brainstorming or by asking others what they would like to buy. It's important to make sure that the idea you have has room for expansion, otherwise it could risk failing. 2) Write a Business Plan - The next step is to write a business plan for your new business. This will help you formalize your ideas and streamline the process of starting your new venture. 3) Research Your Competition - As with any new business, it's important to do research on how competitive your industry is and if there are any opportunities for innovation.

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How To Find A Need That Nobody Has Covered In The Market

Finding a need that nobody has covered in the market is what makes for an incredibly successful startup. The key is to look for those needs in your day-to-day life and see if you can't create something to help address them. In my case, I was so frustrated with how hard it was to find good socks. All the stores were full of ugly, boring and uncomfortable options. And when I did find some socks that looked good and felt comfortable, they never lasted more than one wash before they started falling apart. So I started my own sock subscription service just for men. It's called the sock of the month Club and we send members cool, colorful and fun new pairs every month along with their favorite style: crew or ankle length.

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Where Do You Get Your Products From?

We work with a company that is based out of Australia, but they are able to ship to most places in the world. They specialize in men's socks, and their selection is really diverse. There are so many different colors and styles available! We also work with another company that is based out of Canada. Their selection is less diverse (mostly just dress socks), but they offer more variety when it comes to patterns and designs. Finally, we have some fun stocking stuffers from our own online store: socks for guys, cool mens socks, colorful socks for men, and more!

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What Kind of Packaging Do You Use For The Products?

We take packaging seriously. We want to send you products in great condition and we also want to send them in an environmentally conscious way. That's why we use brown paper bags with string handles for all of our sock shipments. We stamp our logo on the outside, put your name and address on the inside, and then roll up your package with care before slipping it inside our purple mailer envelope.
One of my favorite things about this process is that it really feels like Christmas morning when I get these packages in the mail! And I know that you're going to love opening up your socks as much as I do!

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Where Can You Buy The Product/Packaging/Delivery Materials From?

If you're looking for a fun and affordable gift, or just want to try out some new styles in your sock drawer, check out the awesome socks club. The company provides quality socks with each shipment and some really cool designs. You can choose from monthly deliveries or prepaid plans that come with two or three months worth of socks. If you're not into mens socks, then don't worry because there's also options for women and children too! For just $15 per month, you can get three pairs of mens socks delivered right to your door. That's only $5 per pair! This is a great deal considering that most retail stores offer their socks at $9 - $11 per pair.

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10 Questions To Ask Yourself Before Starting A Business Online

If you have an idea for a business but don't know where to start, these ten questions might help you find your niche.
1. What are my customer's needs? 2. Who is my target market? 3. How can I create something that will best meet their needs? 4. What is the best way to reach them? 5. Do I want to sell products or services? 6. Do I want to run this business full-time or part-time? 7. Am I willing and able to invest in it financially? 8. Do I want to work on this business alone or with someone else? 9. Is there anything else that might be holding me back from starting this business now, and if so what is it? 10.