How a Sock of the Month Subscription Can Reflect Your Personality

Your socks say a lot about you, whether you realize it or not! Whether you wear novelty socks, athletic socks or just plain old tube socks, your choice of socks can speak volumes about your personality. If you wear fun and flashy socks, you’re probably the type of person who loves to smile and make other people laugh. Athletic socks on the other hand represent people who are always striving to improve themselves, and often look for opportunities to compete with others. And tube socks simply say I’m comfortable in my own skin – that doesn’t mean boring though!

The Style Statement

Socks are often overlooked, but they can make for a bold accessory. A personal style statement that says I'm not just another face in the crowd. Philosockphy is a">sock of the month subscription that sends you one pair of socks each month. By providing you with fresh new designs, we hope to inspire you to find your own personal style statement. Whether it's an art piece or an expression of your personality, we want you to have fun and explore your creativity!

The Fashionista

Every sock has its own personality and what you wear on your feet can say just as much about your personal style as what you wear on your body. Philosockphy is an online company that has created an exclusive monthly sock subscription for men and women who want to express themselves through their socks. They offer four different subscriptions that cater to every personality, from Bohemian to Glamorous. Whether you like being in the spotlight or prefer to fly under the radar, there's a subscription for everyone!

The Value Add

Do you want to be known as someone who is on top of trends? Or do you want to be known as someone who puts thought into their look and is always wearing something appropriate for their day-to-day life? With our">sock of the month subscription, we can help you find your perfect match. All you have to do is answer a few questions about what kind of socks you wear, and we'll send you an assortment that matches your style. Plus, our socks are made from high quality materials that will last for years! We're pretty confident in saying that with Philosockphy, there's no way your socks won't say something about your personality.

The Minimalist

Do you ever feel like you have too many clothes? If so, we might have found the solution for you! A">sock of the month subscription is an easy way to get fun, new socks in your life. We know, it sounds like a strange concept, but hear us out. A">sock of the month subscription will send one pair of socks per month (or every other month) for three or six months and includes shipping. You can select from different types of socks with various themes--sporty, whimsical, holiday-themed and more--so that each box arrives at your doorstep with something new to try. There's nothing wrong with wanting to switch things up once in awhile--you deserve it! So why not ditch that typical boring old pair this time around?

The Colors Completer

Do you wear socks with skirts? Do your socks match your shoes? Do you have matching socks for all the members in your family? If so, then a sock-of-the-month club might be perfect for you. We know it's not easy to find stylish and cute socks that are actually comfortable. With our monthly subscriptions, we'll send you five pairs of colorful and comfy socks every month. Each package will contain two pairs of knee highs, two pairs of ankle socks, and one pair of fun novelty or seasonal style that is just for fun!