How a Sock of the Month Club Got Me Interested in Philosophy

How a sock of the month Club Got Me Interested in Philosophy

How did I get interested in philosophy? A sock of the month club, of course! (It’s not as weird as it sounds.) My grandmother knew I loved funny socks and that I sometimes wore two pair at once, so she sent me a gift membership to the sock of the month Club as a birthday present last year. What I didn’t know was that each month I would receive not just one, but two pairs of unique designer socks—one from a company called Philosockphy, which depicts philosophical figures on each pair.


How it started

I was looking to start a sock subscription for myself and I found this awesome sock club that sells colorful socks for men. The best part is that it's not just one pair per month, you get three pairs! The first package arrived and I was really excited to wear them. It took me about four hours to pick out which pair I wanted to wear first!

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The first sock

A few months ago, I stumbled upon an awesome socks club called Foot Cardigan and signed up for their sock subscription. What makes this company different than all the other sock subscriptions is that they send out fun, colorful ankle socks every month. Plus, you get to pick which funky pair you want to receive from over 20 different designs. It's been about three months since I joined and I'm hooked! Not only have I had so much fun getting new socks every month, but my feet feel like they're walking on clouds when I'm wearing them! If you're looking for a gift for someone who loves to express themselves through colors and patterns, or just wants something new each month, Foot Cardigan is perfect.


The second sock

My first experience with a sock subscription was when I got my dad socks for Christmas. I looked at all of these different websites and even had it narrowed down to two different subscriptions. One was called Ace Crews and the other was called Sock Fancy. The socks were really cool and colorful, which I liked, but they were way too expensive for me. So, instead, I ordered him some new dress socks from Kohl's. He loved them because he could wear them to work or just around the house. Then, about two months ago my mom found this sock club that we thought would be perfect for my dad - he loves his office job and is always wearing dress shoes so this seemed like something he would love to get every month!


The third sock

A question I often ask myself is Why am I hooked on this sock club? and then I realized that it might be because they offer socks that no one else does. Plus, they're just plain cool. Every month I get excited to see what new crazy color dress socks or fun men's ankle socks are waiting for me. It's like getting to open a present every month! The best part is that this gift lasts all year long.


What I've learned

I never knew how fun socks could be until I joined the best sock subscription club. I have learned that it is important to take care of your feet and wear socks that are comfortable and don't slip off your heel. The best sock subscription club has everything you need, from ankle socks to crew socks, and they come in all different colors so you can enjoy something different every day!