Heroes Wear Philosockphy SOCKS from our sock of the month club

Heroes Wear Philosockphy SOCKS from our sock of the month club

If you were an actual hero, would you wear your superhero socks from the Philosockphy sock of the month club? We think so! That’s why we’re offering our best Heroes Wear Philosockphy SOCKS coupon code ever! You can use our coupon code on your first or second shipment to get 5% off if you’re signing up for the 4-month sock subscription OR 10% off if you’re signing up for the 8-month sock subscription! Just sign up here to find out how.

What are sock subscriptions?

Have you heard about sock subscriptions? Many sock companies offer a monthly subscription where you receive fresh socks every month. After trying and loving one sock company, I quickly found out that there are tons of subscription options available. You can even have different type and style socks delivered to your door each time, depending on your preferences. If you love high-quality socks, check out Philosockphy - they offer high-quality personalized socks with designs that fit their customers! Their website is easy to navigate, their product descriptions are thorough and they're always adding new designs to keep things fresh and exciting. You can even design your own pair with some custom text or a picture.

What Makes OUR Subscription Different?

What makes our sock subscription different than others out there? First, we don’t send you a single pair of socks every month. Our sock-of-the-month club has four pairs of socks included with each shipment—so if you subscribe to our four sock package, you can still give one pair away and have a brand new pair to wear yourself! Each monthly package also includes a fun hero fact about each pair of socks.

Get Hooked on Subscriptions All Over Again

The sock subscription service socks of the month is a great way to encourage everyone in your life to be more formal about their socks. Why keep a drawer full of good enough socks when you can upgrade to a world-class sock from Philosockphy? We have made it easy for everyone on your list to stay stylish and comfortable by sending them our signature More Than Just Socks package. What are you waiting for? Start making new traditions today!

Give a Gift Anytime, Anywhere.

Our sock of the month is perfect for any occasion and comes in gift-ready packaging that's easy to wrap, fun to open, and can be re-used for a storage box later. Our sock subscription is also perfect for groomsmen gifts, birthday presents, thank you presents and more! And it even makes a great holiday gift too! Shipping is included in your price so don't wait...join today!

Check Out Our Socks Today!

As a sock-of-the-month subscription service, we curate pairs you’ll wear again and again—and look good doing it. Say goodbye to holey socks and hello to something better. Just ask Mom! (Yes, she wears them too.) Club members can skip the hassle of buying new socks over and over and instead rely on having fresh pairs shipped every single month. Not only do you get an awesome selection each time, but you also get a discount on your entire order as well as some really cool extras along with it.