Heroes Wear Philosockphy SOCKS from our sock of the month club

Heroes Wear Philosockphy SOCKS from our sock of the month club

If you were an actual hero, would you wear your superhero socks from the Philosockphy sock of the month club? We think so! That’s why we’re offering our best Heroes Wear Philosockphy SOCKS coupon code ever! You can use our coupon code on your first or second shipment to get 5% off if you’re signing up for the 4-month sock subscription OR 10% off if you’re signing up for the 8-month sock subscription! Just sign up here to find out how.

What makes these socks awesome?

All socks sold in a sock of the month club are awesome because they make your feet happy, make you feel like you’re getting something special, and help sock companies stay in business. But these socks are more than just awesome; they help people who have challenges seeing colors to see colors again—and that’s pretty incredible. For every pair of socks sold on our site, we donate a pair to someone who needs them; that person gets to enjoy all those things listed above and get something truly special as well! Plus these socks look super cool, too. This is a great cause for any hero—we hope you’ll join us in making it happen!

Philosockphy's mission

The mission of Philosockphy is to bring the highest quality, comfortable socks to people around the world. It is not only about creating a sock subscription that delivers exceptional socks on a monthly basis, but more importantly providing value to each person we come in contact with along every step of their journey with us. We are here to unlock life's potential and show people how everything can be simple and uncomplicated when they have great socks on. Let them inspire you through meaningful conversations and make sure you help them achieve their vision while you strive towards yours!

Unboxing experience

Our sock of the month club is here to elevate your style and help you live life with extra fun and a smile on your face. Every month we’ll deliver to you a different pair of premium socks at an affordable price. That’s right, socks! Instead of spending loads of cash on those designer shoes, why not pay for a fantastic sock subscription? Our company has pioneered something fresh in fashion and we are excited to share it with you today: our new Premium Men's & Women's Subscription sock of the month Club. You will receive a premium pair of socks every 30 days or less delivered directly to your door step or mailed directly to that special someone as a gift. We want everyone who joins Philosocks!

Our favorite pair - Edison

Keeping a collection of high-quality socks is essential if you want to be prepared for any occasion. Our favorite is a nice pair of dress socks, with classic designs or patterns. And here's a company that produces some really amazing socks: Philosockphy, which sells monthly sock subscriptions in all sorts of designs. One we love is called Edison, because it combines our two loves: socks and Nikola Tesla (we were all about him after watching The Prestige). There are even two sizes available, so get one for yourself and one for your best friend!

Why are these such a good gift idea?

The sock-of-the-month club is a fantastic gift idea because you know your recipient will love getting new socks, and no one can ever have too many pairs! If you’re worried about gift ideas for your college student, a set of fun socks makes an excellent present. They’ll be able to wear them when studying, going out with friends or even in their dorms. What could be better than that? Add in some high quality socks and they’ll feel super pampered while being warm feet all winter long. Nothing is more luxurious than receiving something that makes you smile every time you put it on!

Why buy from us?

Our sock-of-the-month membership is your way to receive a new pair of socks delivered right to your door each and every month. Not only are you going to get free shipping, but you’ll also be getting a subscription that saves you money! If you sign up for our 3 or 6 months membership, you’ll receive 12 or 24 pairs of socks with free shipping! That means if you buy a pair each month at retail value they would cost $120 in just one year, but by joining our sock-of-the-month club you can get those same 24 pairs for just $30 more!

How do I start my subscription?

Starting a sock of the month club is very easy. First, find out if your business is eligible for subscriptions. To do so, choose your preferred subscription length and go to your account's settings (or contact customer support if you aren't sure). Next, set up recurring payments. This will automatically renew your payment at regular intervals (e.g., monthly or yearly) unless you cancel it before then. The last step is just sending out a few super fun socks every now and then! A note on scheduling: all shipments are shipped by end-of-month to begin right when your subscription begins, unless otherwise requested.