Heroes Wear Philosockphy SOCKS from our sock of the month club

Heroes Wear Philosockphy SOCKS from our Philosockphy.com/collections/socks-club">sock of the month club

If you were an actual hero, would you wear your superhero socks from the Philosockphy Philosockphy.com/collections/socks-club">sock of the month club? We think so! That’s why we’re offering our best Heroes Wear Philosockphy SOCKS coupon code ever! You can use our coupon code on your first or second shipment to get 5% off if you’re signing up for the 4-month sock subscription OR 10% off if you’re signing up for the 8-month sock subscription! Just sign up here to find out how.

Our Subscription Socks Philosophy

Our monthly sock subscription service puts you in control of your own socks. We bring you a new pair every month and let you pick which sock we send. A lot of people ask us why we don’t just make it easy and offer 3-5 pairs per box, but that’s not what we believe in. We think socks are an accessory, not a commodity like cheap ball caps or t-shirts. You need to be able to express yourself every day – whether that means you want some bold patterns, bright colors, subtle prints, tonal designs or whatever else may get your motor running. That’s why we allow members to choose exactly which design they receive each month.

What are your needs?

Do you struggle to match your socks? Do you need a new pair every single month? Are you frustrated with having to sort through all those boxes in your sock drawer? If so, then it’s time for a change. We offer our HEROES WEAR Philosockphy service that delivers a new pair of amazing socks right to your door, each and every month. You’ll never have to worry about matching your socks again! Plus, all proceeds go towards funding important charities like Children International. Join us and make a difference today! From only $4.99/month!

Where are you in life right now?

You’re on a path toward something, but what is it? It’s hard to know where you stand in life if you don’t know where you’re headed. Ask yourself: What values do I hold? What are my core beliefs? How would I describe myself today versus how I envisioned myself as a child or in my 20s? The answers to these questions will help guide your decisions moving forward. Write down your responses and then challenge yourself to put them into action. If there are things about yourself that don’t match up with who you really want to be, make changes—even small ones—that will bring you closer to living up to your personal ideals.

Who else will wear these socks with you?

We all love socks, but no one likes wearing boring, old socks. So here at Philosockphy we’ve come up with a novel way to make your boring old socks cool again. With a sock subscription you will get a new pair of socks delivered to your door every month for as long as you like (or until you run out of pairs). Our philosophy is that every pair of socks should be worn with pride and honor. We also believe that everyone has something they would be willing to die for, be it family, friends or even just really good food. But only heroes wear these epic socks!

How many days do you want each pair to last?

Most subscribers want their socks to last at least a month. That's how long our sock-of-the-month club provides its products. Of course, you can decide to wear any pair for as long as you want - even longer than one month if you prefer - but we've found that most people choose a 30 day subscription. Some choose 1 or 2 pairs; some get 3, 4, 5 and up to 10+ pairs! Do whatever makes sense for your lifestyle and socks need. :) But don't forget: if your socks are old and dingy (or just not your style anymore), don't feel obligated to keep them.

Which styles do you like best?

For as long as we can remember, we've been obsessed with Heroine Chic. Superheroes are just cool, but these ladies have more guts and grit than most men. We think that's pretty badass. But what's even more awesome? They're on socks! Take a look at our current lineup and pick your favorite style: Bombshell Blonde, Bombshell Brunette or Baddest Blackout Bombshell. Or subscribe to get all three styles every month with a two or six-month sock subscription (you'll get 10% off your first purchase if you use coupon code CHARM10 at checkout!). So go ahead, show off those legs and feel like a superwoman—even when you're not in tights.

How Many Pairs Do You Want Every Month?

With a Philosockphy.com/collections/socks-club">sock of the month subscription, you’ll receive one pair (or two pairs) per month. That’s right: New socks delivered right to your door! But what if you need more than that? Or less? It all depends on your sock size and foot shape. What works for one person may not work for another. How many pairs should you get every month? The answer is simple: Exactly how many socks do you need to not want anymore...ever?! (That number will differ for everyone!) A sock-of-the-month subscription is a fun and easy way to stock up on new socks in different colors, patterns, designs and materials each year—without thinking about it. And don’t forget about Valentine's Day gift giving!