Have You Tried a Sock of the Month Club?

Have You Tried a sock of the month Club?

Do you have a sock problem? Do you have so many socks in your drawer that you don’t know what to do with them? If so, then maybe it’s time to try out the sock of the month club. It’s an inexpensive way to discover new, hard-to-find socks. Plus, sock subscription clubs are great if you want to give the gift of warm feet, too! This post will walk you through everything you need to know about sock subscriptions, including all the top sock subscription services and how much they cost.

The 4 most popular sock subscription services

There are actually a ton of sock subscription services out there, but these four all get rave reviews. If you want to try one, I’d suggest signing up for one month with each, in that order. There’s no commitment with these, so it should only cost you $20 or so to test them out and see which you like best. This is also a great way to find something new! Once you’ve done your trial month (they don’t charge your card until they send their next shipment), sign up for another if it was worth it. But if not, cancel after that first month—or use them as stocking stuffers or White Elephant gifts for friends at holiday time!

Manly, fun or classic socks

There are hundreds of sock subscription clubs out there and they all ship new pairs to your door every month. It’s likely that you will find something you like on any club’s website, but be sure to check out each site thoroughly to make sure you are happy with what is being offered. Some clubs offer socks for women, men and kids in different colours, patterns and styles; others offer sock subscriptions for men only (so if you need more socks than that, start looking elsewhere). The cost can range from $6 per pair up to $20 or more—but it’s not uncommon for prices to vary depending on whether they offer one or multiple pairs at once. Many companies let you pick which kinds of socks you receive.

Under $10, $11-$20 and over $20

Everyone has different spending patterns and price preferences. Some people like to spend more on their feet (and socks), while others can’t seem to get enough socks under $10. Still, there are plenty of people who want something they can wear every day without breaking the bank. Here are three sock clubs that should satisfy all your sock-shopping needs, whether you need a gift or just want to add some variety to your daily wardrobe.

Coupon codes / discounts

Many sock of the month clubs offer coupon codes, special deals, and discounts for new members. The code may get you even better savings than an introductory offer. There's nothing wrong with shopping around to see what's out there and comparing deals. The best sock of the month club is out there waiting for you, but it doesn't hurt to take advantage of special offers when you can find them!