Giving Up Sex to Spend Your Life With Cute Socks

Giving Up Sex to Spend Your Life With Cute Socks

Any self-respecting sock enthusiast knows that having to settle for the same old socks month after month just isn’t an option. Fortunately, there are plenty of awesome sock subscription services out there that allow you to get brand new pairs of the cutest socks around every single month without having to lift a finger! Here are ten reasons you should give up sex and devote your life to cute socks!

Why socks?

When most people think of subscriptions, they think about getting socks. In fact, sock subscriptions are so popular that there’s actually a name for it—Philosockphy. Sure, there are some lovely lacy pairs out there as well as dressy pairs for women and thick wool ones for men but mostly, when people sign up for subscription boxes on sites like JustFab or Birchbox, they want a pair or two of cute socks every month. That’s all fine and good if you just need something warm to wear around your ankles but what happens when you get tired of donning gray-and-pink polka dot socks with your sweatpants?

How would you use cute socks?

There are lots of ways you can use cute socks, from fashion statements to adding sock flair to your house cleaning routine. These days, you don’t have to settle for boring or ugly socks. You can get sweet and adorable styles that turn a chore into a fashion statement. If you find yourself wearing frumpy socks, consider upgrading your sock game with these fun and fashionable options from Philosockphy

More sock subscriptions

While a sock of the month club might not sound like it’s worth giving up sex for, it can be. And if you want something bigger than that, there are entire websites devoted to socks and sock subscriptions. Take Philosophie for example; with their sock subscription service, you can go toe-to-toe with other sock fanatics who are also looking for great socks at fair prices—and have your own monthly shot at being featured on their social media pages. They offer men’s and women’s socks with an average price of $10-$15 per pair. That's about what you'd pay at Target or Wal-Mart--except unlike mass produced socks you'll get something unique!


Not your average sock of-the-month club, Philosockphy is a new company that strives to make those socks you wear every day just a little bit more interesting. We believe that socks are an extension of who you are and should reflect your personality. By signing up for our sock of-the-month club, not only will you receive a pair of high quality socks from Philosophy each month (as well as gain access to exclusive discounts), but you'll also be contributing to a wonderful cause. Each time someone subscribes for our sock of-the-month club, we donate one pair of new socks or boxers (depending on gender) through The Sock Drawer's Give Back Program in honor of that subscriber.

Talking about cute socks with your friends

One of my favorite activities is talking about cute socks with friends. I do it all day every day. That's why I decided to give up sex and spend my life with cute socks. As an added bonus, I'm planning on having a sock of the month club started. It will be pretty cool. It's going to be especially awesome if someone wants to buy a sock of their own! Yay for business!