Gift Ideas for Men or Women - Sock of the Month Club Subscription

Gift Ideas for Men or Women - sock of the month Club Subscription

sock of the month Club Subscription - The Ultimate Gift for Men and Women, Gifts Under $50, Gifts Under $100

What to get someone who has everything

For those people in your life who have everything, it’s best to look to find a gift that they could enjoy on an ongoing basis. One such idea is a sock of the month club subscription. This is an excellent option if you have a hard time finding something truly unique to give. Why is it so great? For starters, most people don’t think about their socks until they run out and need more – meaning that you’re probably going to be giving them a gift they will actually use when you buy them socks as a present. In addition, many people actually wear their socks out, making a subscription service even more ideal because new ones will be coming in each month – meaning there won’t be any months where someone gets nothing for Christmas!

How many pairs per month?

A sock-of-the-month subscription is a fun gift that is inexpensive, yet creative. You can choose how many pairs per month you want to give your giftee. One pair every month makes it easy to update your giftee’s sock drawer throughout a year with twelve pairs! It’s a fun surprise that keeps on giving all year long! Giving six pairs at once could get a little confusing though—unless your giftee has some kids who need new socks, too! These subscriptions are available from $11-$21 and there are several different options to choose from. Check out our complete list of monthly gifts for ideas as well, or check out our holiday gift guide for even more great ideas!

How do you keep track of socks?

Keeping track of socks can be a real hassle. You’ll spend hours looking through drawers in search of that one missing sock. The best way to solve these problems is to simply stop wasting time looking through your clothes and start purchasing new ones instead! By signing up for a sock subscription, you’ll get a fresh pair every month delivered straight to your door. Start by creating an account and answering some basic questions about your preferences. You will then be presented with three unique options based on your answers. Once you pick a style, you’re finished! Every month, another pair of socks will arrive at your door and be ready to wear when you get dressed in the morning! No more searching—just fresh socks all year long!

Why should you consider buying subscription boxes?

Subscription boxes are extremely popular, and not just with millennials. However, as more and more people subscribe to subscription boxes to get their regular coffee fix, snacks delivered in a monthly box, or other essentials sent to them every month, you may be wondering what all of these subscriptions have in common. Why do people shell out so much money on stuff they already have (like tampons) and don’t need? The real reason behind subscription boxes is something called FOMO: fear of missing out. People want what they can’t have—so if everyone else is getting some new product every month by subscribing online, you might want it too.

What are they going to wear these socks with?

For those who appreciate minimalist design and quality materials, Philosocks are here to provide you with a more refined sock experience. These socks are not only comfortable but also have a soft touch without compressing too tightly around your foot. They have been described as thin enough to wear with any shoe, which is perfect if you want to step out in style while wearing your favorite pair of loafers or slip-ons. You can choose from a few different colors, including gray, brown, blue and black. And at $12 per month (plus shipping), they're very reasonably priced compared to other subscription services like Birchbox and Yume Twins.

Who this gift idea is perfect for – boyfriend, husband, dad, brother, sister, mother, father-in-law, wife or girlfriend

Everyone can use another pair of socks right? And if you happen to know their shoe size, that will be helpful in finding a gift idea perfect for them. The sock of the month club is also a good choice if you aren’t sure what size they are. The different subscriptions range from 3 pairs per month, 6 pairs per month and 12 pairs per month. At $12-$15+ per pair, it doesn’t hurt your wallet too much either.