Get Your Employees Hooked on the Sock of the Month Club


I have been a member of the sock of the month Club since I was in middle school and still remember how exciting it was to receive my first pair of socks every month in the mail. Not only did I get to experience that feeling as an adult when I joined about two years ago, but it also got me thinking about how my company could take advantage of something like this as an employee incentive program. In fact, if you do any research on these programs, you’ll find that they are very effective in getting employees excited about your business and can be leveraged for growth in many ways.


Why it works

A sock subscription is a great idea for any company looking to give employees an incentive. Giving them a sock each month will help keep morale up and also show them you care about their well-being. Plus, it's a low-cost gift that has high-value benefits because socks are something every employee needs in their wardrobe! The best part is that you can find so many different styles and types, from crazy color dress socks to cool mens socks, so there's something for everyone! You don't even have to worry about going through the hassle of shopping for these items. Just sign up and choose how many pairs you want to be sent each month!


Benefits For The Company

The boss may be able to stop by and pick up a gift for an employee, but will it be personalized? This is where you come in. As an employer, get your employees hooked on the sock of the month club by getting them a subscription for their birthday or Christmas present. It's a great way to make sure that everyone's always stocked up with new socks! Plus, it builds excitement each month when they open their latest package from you. It's like Christmas every time they get a package! And it's not just about socks. You can choose from other items like dress socks, fun ankle socks, cool crew socks and more. The possibilities are endless!


Benefits For The Employee

Socks are a great way to get your employees hooked on something new and exciting. The best part is that you don't even have to put any thought into it, because they get a new pair every month! It's a fun gift for men and women, and you can even choose to include dress socks or ankle socks in your package. It's also possible to customize your sock subscription, so it's perfect for any occasion. You could choose this as an anniversary gift or use it as a corporate incentive.


How To Make It Work

One way to make a gift exchange more fun is to introduce a sock subscription service. You can do this by handing out socks with each person's name and company logo, or you could get your employees hooked with an awesome sock of the month club. For example, you could start off by sending colorful socks in their first box, while in subsequent months they might get dressy dress socks or funky crew socks. It will be hard for them not to want to participate!