Get Ready for Our Sharpest Sock of the Month Yet!


If you’ve been around here before, then you know that we make some pretty sharp socks here at Philosockphy. But our sock of the month for May just might be the sharpest yet! We’re so excited about this sock that we can hardly contain ourselves! It’s finally here, folks, and it’s time to get excited about our Sharpest sock of the month Yet!


What Makes These Socks so Sharp?

We've been making socks since day one and we know what it takes to get your feet feeling comfortable. With our new sock club, you can get a fresh new pair of colorful socks delivered straight to your door on a monthly basis. Choose from our wide range of colors and styles, as well as different lengths to find the perfect fit for you.
Each month, you'll receive three pairs of our sharpest-looking socks yet with this month's selection including some fun dress socks and crazy color dress socks in addition to some cool mens ankle socks. Plus, you'll always have something exciting waiting for you at your doorstep – these are sure to be your favorite pair yet!


How do these socks benefit my feet?

The best sock subscription is here! We're talking a sock that's not only made with the most luxurious materials, but also one that will keep your feet feeling comfortable and happy.
A good sock can make all the difference between a day at work or just any other day. And it's our mission to provide you with socks that are both good looking and great feeling. There's no better way to start off your day than putting on a pair of our cool socks for men.
Our socks club is an awesome idea for anyone who needs some new socks - whether they be colorful ankle socks or colorful mens ankle socks, or even just funky men's crew socks.


Why should I purchase them on the 1st of every month instead of later in the month?

You deserve to have a fresh pair of socks every month. And you can't get any fresher than on the first day of every month, when we launch our Sock-of-the-Month club. The best part? You'll never have to worry about running out or forgetting to order socks again, because they'll be delivered right to your door on the 1st of each month and then reordered as needed. What's not to love?


Why are they $15.99 and not $12.99?

A lot of people were wondering why our new sock of the month club is $15.99 when it used to be $12.99. The answer is simple: quality and longevity. When we were working on this year's design, we had one thing in mind: making a sock that not only looks cool but lasts a long time too. We took our best-selling socks from last year, mixed them with some new ones, and tested out different fabrics to make sure you're getting not just a well-designed sock but an excellent quality one too.


When will these be available?

We're all about fun, colorful socks. At Philosocks we love to see people enjoy their time on their feet and have a little more fun with their clothes. But who doesn't want to be comfortable too? That's why our socks are made from high quality fabrics that offer superior comfort and amazing color vibes. That being said, we're excited to announce our newest sock club - The best crew socks of the Month Club. We've done some research and found out that you lot (yes, you) spend a lot of time on your feet so we created a sock club that is perfect for those long hours at work or exploring new places in your downtime.


The first 100 people get a special bonus!

Sharpie socks are here, and they're better than ever. We've taken our best sock of the month club and made it even better by adding a special bonus for our first 100 members. Join now to get your purple ankle socks before they sell out. Hurry, this offer won't last long!