Get a monthly subscription to Philosockphy socks and never worry about having mismatched socks again!

Get a monthly subscription to Philosockphy socks and never worry about having mismatched socks again!

Step 1: Decide on your sock size. Socks in the Philosockphy">sock of the month club come in sizes 7-13, and will fit most people comfortably. Step 2: Choose how many pairs of socks you want to receive each month. The first time you sign up for Philosockphy, you’ll select either the 3 pair or 6 pair option, and we’ll send you that number of pairs each month until your subscription ends or you choose to cancel it. Step 3: Pick out the fun pair (or pairs) that you want to receive!

If you’re bored of your work wardrobe, treat yourself with something new.

Nothing is worse than sitting at your desk, day after day, with the same outfit. It's time for you to treat yourself. You deserve it! Get a monthly subscription of Philosockphy Socks for less than $10 per month and get new, fresh pairs delivered straight to your door. With our automated system, you'll never have to worry about running out of matching pairs ever again.

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Even if it’s an inside joke between friends, wear our product and share it on social media.

Philosocks are not just for the inside joke between friends. They make for a great gag gift, but they are also for anyone who wants to be able to say I have matching socks today with pride. With our monthly subscription service, you can get your first month of Philosocks free by using the code ‘FREE1STMONTH’ at checkout. Keep calm, wear Philosophy SocksTM

One pair can make a big difference in how people perceive your appearance.

Philosockphy is an online sock company that offers a monthly subscription of high-quality, fashionable, stylish and comfortable socks. The mission of the company is to make sure you are always dressed appropriately for any occasion.

Philosockphy has created an innovative way for people to get their favourite pair of socks sent each month. Rather than going out and buying new ones every time you need something new, or getting tired of wearing the same thing over and over, why not have them delivered right at your doorstep?

The founders wanted to create the perfect sock experience for men all around the world, so they decided that not only would they provide quality styles with trendy colours but also offer comfortability.

Give yourself a boost by purchasing more than one pair.

One of the hardest things to do when you're living on your own is figuring out how much money you should spend on things. I can't tell you how many times I've had to wear a mismatched pair of socks because I spent my money on something else. But now, that problem has been solved with Philosockphy Socks. You get three pairs of high-quality, fashionably designed, patterned or solid colored, 80% cotton 20% polyester ankle or no-show socks delivered each month for only $25 per month.