Get a monthly subscription of Philosockphy socks and never worry about having mismatched socks again!


What would it be like to have your own Philosockphy sock subscription? You’d never worry about having mismatched socks again! And that’s just the beginning. If you sign up today, we’ll also send you free socks with every subscription as our way of saying thank you for being such an awesome customer! What are you waiting for?


The sock dilemma

Matching socks can be a difficult thing to do. Worry no more, we have the perfect solution for you. With the Philosockphy sock club, your worries are solved. You'll receive one pair of fun, unique, cool or crazy color dress socks every month. You can rest assured that you'll have matching pairs to go with all your outfits in style. Just choose between our two different packages and enjoy fashionable fun sock styles each month for less than $6 per pair!
We know it's hard to find cool men's ankle socks that are fun but not too out there; these are perfect for any guy looking for something cute but not too crazy.


Why we started Philosockphy?

Philosockphy started as an idea to help people with the struggle of matching their socks. We saw this problem every day in our office and wanted to do something about it. One morning, we all came into work with mismatched socks on which led us to create Philosockphy Socks. We have now shipped tens of thousands of pairs across the world that have been given as gifts, to loved ones, or just for fun.
Philosockphy has grown into a sock gift-giving service where you can get one (or more) pair(s) of unique, colorful socks delivered each month for only $10 per pair plus $2 shipping anywhere in the world.


A new take on subscriptions

What if you could get the best sock of the month club, but for your feet? Well you can. We curate the best selection of colorful men's ankle socks each month to keep your feet fresh and in style. With so many color options and styles, there is a perfect pair for any occasion. Best part is that it is delivered right to your door every month without fail so you'll never have to worry about matching up those pesky stripes ever again.


How much will it cost?

We offer two different sock subscriptions. The first is for the fun, colorful, cool mens socks. This will set you back $49 per month but includes three pairs of new, unique socks that are shipped to your door every month. The second is for the best crew socks in all of existence. If you sign up for this one, you'll be paying $59 per month and will receive five pairs of high quality dress socks to wear with your suit or tuxedo to a formal event or job interview. You can cancel at any time by contacting us through email.


Who can subscribe?

Philosockphy is for the men who hate to match their socks. For the man who wants to wear his best dress shoes but hates when they don't go with his look. The guy who loves wearing cool knee high socks but hates when they don't go with his outfit. The person who loves wearing colorful ankle socks but can't find them in stores. For the man that doesn't like to wear boring white athletic socks, or bland black dress socks.
Philosockphy is for all the men out there that are looking for great quality, matched pairs of fun and cool, colorful and funky, fun mens ankle sock.


What happens when my subscription ends?

Do you know that feeling when you open your sock drawer and realize that you don't have any pairs? We do too. That's why we created Philosockphy Socks, the world's first monthly sock subscription service for men. When your monthly subscriptions ends, we send you an email asking if you want to renew. If not, we'll place your order in our system so that it's easy to just sign up for next month with one click.