Flaunt Your Favorite Socks with a Sock Subscription

Flaunt Your Favorite Socks with a Sock Subscription

When you subscribe to sock of the month, you can wear trendy socks every day of the month. You’ll get five pairs of great men’s and women’s socks delivered right to your door every month, so you can rotate your looks as often as you want. And since you don’t have to commit to an entire year of socks at once, it’s easy to customize your sock subscription according to your changing needs and tastes. If you subscribe on the first day of any month, you even get the next month free!

Reasons To Start A Sock Subscription

You wear socks every day, but do you ever stop to think about your socks? With Philosockphy, you can show off your style and personality while also giving back to charity. For every pair of socks sold by Philosockphy, one sock will be donated to someone in need. In addition, all of their patterns are printed on recycled fabric. Whether you’re looking for a cute new pair of socks or want to start giving back, Philosockphy is right for you! And if three pairs isn’t enough for your collection (what do we even wear three pairs of?), they offer two subscription levels: one-time and seasonal. The season change option gives you several great designs throughout any given year so that you always have something fun to wear!

How To Choose The Best Sock Subscription For You

What most of us don’t realize is that we only wear about 20% of our clothing 80% of the time. This means if you have twenty pairs of pants, four shirts, and two suits, you are likely wearing just four or five socks every day. If you keep up on your laundry (and who doesn’t these days?) it could mean that you only use one pair per week! The average person ends up spending $30-$40 per month on their wardrobe staples. Why not invest in getting high-quality socks at a discount? The most fashionable clothes can be just as inexpensive as functional basics if you know where to look!

Why Do People Love Philosophy (This) So Much?

People love Philosophy’s soaps because of their antibacterial properties. And those properties are in large part due to their efficacy at eliminating 99.9% of bacteria, including the superbugs like MRSA and C-Diff that have developed resistance to modern antibiotics. In addition, Philosophy’s lightweight formula means your skin won’t feel greasy afterwards—and because it doesn’t leave behind any residue, you don’t have to worry about staining your clothing or linens either. If you take pride in keeping yourself clean, Philosophy has you covered.

3 Reasons Behind Our Popularity

When you subscribe to Philosockphy, your favorite socks come right to your door. No more trips to Goodwill; no more wondering what happened to that one pair of socks; no more scouring your drawers for something matching that’s not ruined. Philosockphy provides you with fresh socks every 3 months, so they won’t get too old before they wear out! Our variety of styles and colors means there’s always something new on our doorstep — it just might be time for an upgrade after all! We offer a 20% discount on orders over $100, so subscribers never have to worry about their sock budget. At Philosockphy, we want every subscriber experience to be great — we know how important clean feet are!

What Makes Us Stand Out?

For starters, we don't just use one sock company like everyone else. Instead, we use multiple ones for our collection. This keeps things interesting, especially as new designs roll out from our partners every month. Our monthly subscription also gives you access to every single pair of socks in your collection. With each new delivery or re-stock, we'll make sure that you get all of your socks so you can show them off however you want! We also offer plenty of different kinds of socks including fun patterns and athletic brands for those days when you need to relax and unwind after a long day at work! Plus, we have something called Lucky Dip where our subscribers get one surprise sock per month in addition to their regularly scheduled pairs!

Here's Why We're Different from Other Options Available

We understand that customers need a wide variety of sizes and colors. With our socks, you'll get 3 pairs for $15.99/month or 6 pairs for $24.99/month. We know different brands fit differently, which is why we offer more than one brand at each size, so you can always find a style that fits your feet comfortably. No matter what your foot type, we have socks to suit all preferences - from thin dress socks to over-the-calf athletic and everything in between. Why settle for just 1 color? Our sock subscription provides you with 10 colors per month at no extra cost!