Five Ways to Wear Socks of the Month

Five Ways to Wear Socks of the Month

How to wear socks of the month? We’re glad you asked! Socks of the month have been hot since they started trending, but we’ve found that people aren’t always sure what to do with these fun socks that come in the mail each month. If you want to show off your collection and make your socks stand out from the crowd, try some of these five fun ways to wear socks of the month.

Style it with a different shoe

A sock of the month can be a fun and exciting gift for someone you know. If you have a friend who loves shoes, consider pairing your subscription with something from his or her favorite store. Heels, boots, and flats all work well with socks of the month. Of course, if you’re receiving your own sock of month, then there’s no reason not to wear it with any type of shoe—no matter how casual! If anything is going to get that pair out from under your bed (or hamper), it’s a brightly colored silk pair that goes perfectly with your new Jimmy Choos. Your foot will thank you. And so will everyone else who sees them peeking out at them on your feet—and at work!

Matching socks make your outfit look complete

Matching socks can be a fun way to give your outfit a little extra flair. Not only does it make for some killer selfies (and who doesn’t like a good selfie?), but matching socks also go hand-in-hand with a simple and clean wardrobe. With just one pair of shoes, you can create numerous looks by wearing different sock combinations. It’s really pretty easy! So here are my top five tips on how to wear socks with our Philosockphy subscription

Show off your creativity with mismatched socks

Sure, our socks are a great gift idea, but they’re also an awesome piece of clothing you can wear around town. If you want to add a little pizzazz to your usual ensembles, consider spicing up your wardrobe with our signature mismatched socks! Not only is it a great way to show off our unique and quirky styles, but it’s also an easy and comfortable way for you show off how free-spirited and creative you are. Plus, with tons of different colors and designs, there’s no wrong way or reason for wearing them. We don’t care if you match them or wear all mismatched—we just want you looking stylish.

Match your top to your sock

Your socks are a very serious part of your attire, and so it is important that you wear them with appropriate footwear. Any time you wear your Philosockphy Socks, they should be matched with your favorite pair of brown shoes. Your socks and shoes are your armor, and when you combine them together you are in full control. The next time you get dressed up for a night out, remember that just like all good armor, everything must match - from top to bottom. Looking back on our original mission statement we have always had one guiding principal: philosophy is not only what we make it but what we wear and finally our customers can prove it! Our philosophy has never changed; without these four words our brand would not exist at all.

Show some skin with shorter socks

For an afternoon walk or a casual meeting, short socks are perfect. The exposed ankle can be slightly less formal than showing off your calves, but still lets you show off some skin. And unlike with bare ankles, even in a business environment, no one will give you side-eye for showing off your socks - they’ll probably compliment you on your fashion sense! If wearing shorts is a little too informal for what you’re doing that day, try pairing your favorite pair of shorts with a professional tee and knee-high socks. It’s a great look that most people won’t associate with an I have nothing put on underneath my shorts! vibe.