Five Unusual Ways to Fold Your Socks

Five Unusual Ways to Fold Your Socks

sock of the month clubs are all the rage, and many sock subscriptions include unique styles that you won’t find in your average store. But what do you do with all those unique socks? If you have the typical sock drawer, you probably find yourself sorting them by color, or perhaps even wearing the same ones over and over again until they get holes in them! We’ve put together five cool ways to fold your socks that will take up less space in your sock drawer while keeping your favorite socks readily available when you need them.

#1: The Funnel

This is one of my favorites. After you’ve rolled your socks, slide them through an upside-down funnel (I like to use an old salad dressing bottle). The opening should be wider than your sock so that it stays on as you pull it out. When finished, turn over and dump them into a drawer or box. Voilà! cool socks for days!

#2: The Accordion

This one is pretty straightforward. Just fold it as you would a piece of paper and let it sit that way. This method might be slightly more challenging with very thick socks, but I bet even a five-year-old could handle them. You could also use socks you've already worn and have lost elasticity if you really want to get your dollar's worth out of your sock subscription. If you're folding up multiple pairs at once, just make sure they don't stick together in transit!

#3: The Ball

This is a good sock-folding method for your pair of dress socks or tuxedo socks. (If you have only one nice pair of dress socks, hold off on folding them until an appropriate occasion arises.) First, lay your clean, folded sock out flat on a table. Pull up one corner and fold it into a triangle at a right angle with the rest of the sock. Next, pull up another corner so that it meets in-line with your first fold and repeat with each corner until you’ve folded all four corners into triangles. Next, roll your socks up from their corners in alternating fashion until they’re rolled into tight balls. Lastly, store your freshly folded socks in any standard dress sock container.

#4: The Breathable Way

Most socks are folded and stored in a drawer or sock bag. But when you fold your socks, you end up trapping air inside each one, making them more likely to develop holes from wear-and-tear. Instead of folding, try placing a wad of tissue paper at either end of your sock collection—the paper helps keep socks separated and prevents them from getting smushed together as they’re stacked on top of each other. You might have heard that mothballs are an effective way to prevent moth damage. But if your grandmother’s advice seems too extreme, consider using food grade diatomaceous earth instead—it has been proven effective at killing moths and is completely safe for humans.

#5: The Drawer Divider

You can build up your sock collection by folding them inside of each other, like a cabinet organizer. You just make sure that you have no two socks from one pair touching another sock from that same pair. If you do, it’s probably because they’re both dry clean only and you don’t want those touching! This method allows for some fun combinations, as well as keeping your socks organized in a drawer or closet. Plus, it's an excellent way to make use of used packing peanuts! There are several cool socks subscriptions out there; if anything else inspires you to fold your socks in new ways, I'd love to hear about it! This post was originally published on The Pen and the Pad with Lorie Marrero.